Theatrical creation – Animals on stage in Gimel

Theatrical creation – Animals on stage in Gimel
Theatrical creation – Animals on stage in Gimel

Animals on stage in Gimel

The ShanJu company forges close links with animals to integrate them into shows. Such as “Perspectives”, with the Théâtre de Vidy, which opens the season.

Natacha Rossel

Posted today at 10:28 a.m.

It is the story of intense, beautiful and fragile friendships, of common languages ​​to be invented, of reciprocal taming. Sporting sharp horns, colorful plumages or scarlet crests, the hosts of ShanJu live in a poetic ecosystem where everyone finds their place. They are called Dibbouk, Regatta, Gutenberg or Chaziyr. From Friday, this happy tribe of goats, roosters, pigs, horses, ponies and dogs will tell their relationship to man in a fable imagined by Judith Zagury, in Gimel, above Morges (VD).

Since 2017, ShanJu (contraction of the first names of its founders, Shantih Breikers and Judith Zagury) has been rolling out its range of shows, courses and workshops for children in this merry-go-round surrounded by henhouses and free stall parks. A utopian bubble on the edge of the forest, which now refers far and wide. A place where humans and animals try to live together in a new way, and where the performing arts offer a framework conducive to scientific reflections on the relationship between species. It is in this enchanting setting that the Vidy Theater, under renovation, opens a new season partially deployed outside the walls.


Theatrical creation Animals stage Gimel

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