PS Plus: October 2021 Games – Leak shows brand new remaster hits

PS Plus: October 2021 Games – Leak shows brand new remaster hits
PS Plus: October 2021 Games – Leak shows brand new remaster hits
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A PS Plus game for October 2021 could already have been leaked. The remaster hasn’t even been announced yet, but it still makes sense.

San Mateo, California – While the September PS Plus games have only just come out, that doesn’t hold back the October game leaks. Every month, the owners of PS4 and PS5 look forward to games that they can download from PS Plus at no additional cost. In October, Sony will again put together a selection of games for all PS Plus subscribers. Now some leaks have appeared on a remaster that has a good chance of being part of the PS Plus games in October.

Name of the service PS Plus (PlayStation Plus)
Monthly charges 8,99 Euro
providers Sony Interactive Entertainment
Consoles PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5)
advantages 2 months Free games, access to PS4 / 5 online multiplayer, exclusive discounts in the PlayStation store, 100GB online storage
active memberships 47 Million Users: within

PS Plus October 2021: Game Leaked – Alan Wake Remastered at PlayStation Showcase

Recent leaks have shown a remaster of Alan Wake for PS4, PS5 and Xbox, due to be released on October 5th, 2021. Alan Wake is a psychological thriller set in the same universe as Control, which was also a free game on PS Plus. Developer Remedy Entertainment would like the games to get into as many hands as possible so that the video game universe really takes off.

The original was released in May 2010 and was an Xbox exclusive. But since Control has already been released for PS4 and PS5, further titles for Sony’s consoles are not unlikely. Sony also had plans to buy the developer studio Remedy Entertainment, but rumor has it that Remedy will only develop an exclusive title for the San Mateo console manufacturer.

PS Plus October 2021: Alan Wake Remastered could be there

© Sony/Remedy Entertainment (Montage)

Those who liked Control could also get their money’s worth with Alan Wake and can possibly look forward to the fact that the remaster will be presented at the PlayStation Showcase. The insider Daniel Ahmad is self-assured

wrote that Alan Wake Remastered will be announced this week. So you can assume that he is referring to the PlayStation Showcase.

PS Plus October 2021: Game leaked – so are the chances for Alan Wake Remastered

With the leak on Twitter, the suspicion arose that Alan Wake Remastered could become a free game for PS Plus in October. Because the release overlaps with the release of the PS Plus games in October. Because Remedy Entertainment has had great success with Control as a free game on Epic Games and PS Plus, this suggestion is reasonable. Since it is a remaster, the new Alan Wake will probably not be a full price title. So the chances are good that it will be free for all PS Plus subscribers in October 2021.

In addition, Sony likes to come up with horror games in October to get fans in the right mood for the scariest of all months. Alan Wake is not a horror game in the true sense of the word, but it still has a very dark atmosphere that can quickly freeze your blood in your veins.

PS Plus October 2021: That’s what fans say about Alan Wake Remastered

Many fans have been waiting a long time to play Alan Wake on the PS4 or PS5. So far it was only possible to play the games on Xbox and PC, so Sony’s fans went empty-handed. With the success of Control, all the more fans are looking forward to looking into the Remedy Entertainment Universe. Fans keep their fingers crossed for Alan Wake Remastered to be one of the PS Plus Free Games in October.

However, nobody can say exactly which games the console manufacturer from San Mateo will make available in October and one can only wait for the announcement at the end of September. Until then, you can still have fun with the PS Plus games in September, among which there are some big hits.

Rubriklistenbild: © Sony/Remedy Entertainment (Montage)

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