Send WhatsApp messages with a time delay – this is how it works

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We show you how to send WhatsApp messages with a delay. There are apps for Android and at least a workaround for iPhones.


Schedule WhatsApp messages and send them automatically later

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Since Whatsapp was developed primarily as a real-time chat tool, the time-shifted sending of messages is not as easily integrated as, for example, in e-mail applications. We show you how you can still create WhatsApp messages and send them with a time delay. For Android and iOS.

Simple trick for delayed sending of messages on iOS and Android

The easiest way to send Whatsapp messages with a time delay in Android and iOS is to deactivate the WiFi connection or activate airplane mode. If you then write messages in Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal or other services, you can also send them. The messages actually stay in the app and are not actually sent due to the lack of a connection. Whatsapp only sends the message when you turn off airplane mode or turn the WiFi connection back on. Many users do this on New Year’s Eve when sending out New Year’s greetings.

Use AutoResponder for Whatsapp on Android

If you use Whatsapp on Android, sending messages with a time delay is just as easy as automatic replies with Whatsapp. The popular “AutoResponder for WhatsApp” app is available for this purpose (this app is not available in the Apple App Store, however). For most users, the functions of the free version are sufficient. The free version is funded through advertising. If you need more functions, for example for Whatsapp Business, you can activate the full version within the app with a one-time payment.

After installing AutoResponder for Whatsapp on Android devices, Whatsapp can automatically reply to all messages or only messages from specific contacts. To do this, you can define rules and specify texts. For this to work, you have to give the app the permissions to read the Whatsapp messages that you receive. You also have to allow messages to be sent via Whatsapp first. If you have data protection concerns, you should of course consider using the app.


The AutoResponder for Whatsapp can answer messages automatically.

You configure the authorizations when you start the app for the first time. Here you allow the notification access via a slider after pressing the start button. You can of course remove access at any time. Android displays an information window before the system allows access. To do this, click on “Allow” in the window.

You create the rules for automatic replies in AutoResponder for WhatsApp. To do this, tap the plus sign and then create a new rule. You can either reply to all users or define filters and contacts. With the filters, you can use “Exact Match” or “Similarity Match” to control which messages the app should react to. You can then enter the new text under “Reply message”.

SKEDit Scheduling App: Schedule WhatsApp SMS Calls for Android

One of the best-known apps for delayed sending of WhatsApp messages on Android smartphones is the “SKEDit Scheduling” app. This app can also send delayed messages. The app is controlled in English. Unfortunately, the app is not always very reliable. It is still the best-known app when it comes to time-shifted sending.


With SKEdit you can send Whatsapp messages with a time delay

Also make sure that you do not send too many messages automatically at once. If Whatsapp rates this as spam, the provider will block your account.

To use SKEDit, you need to create an account with the provider. Then start the app and select Whatsapp. As with “AutoResponder for WhatsApp”, you must give the provider and the app the right to access Whatsapp. In the Android settings you have to enable access for SKEdit for the installed services.

SKEdit uses the accessibility features for Android for its delayed responses. As soon as the app has sufficient rights, you can create new rules and control the sending of messages. You can also send messages regularly with the “Repeat” option.

When sending, make sure that the screen on the smartphone is not locked. Alternatively, activate the option “Ask me before sending”. In this case, confirm that the message will be sent at the selected time. This allows the screen to be locked.

Schedule Whatsapp messages with shortcuts for iOS

Since iOS 13 it is possible to automate various tasks in iOS. You can also use this technology to send time-shifted Whatsapp. To do this, you need the free Apple App “Shortcuts” from the App Store on your iPhone.


You can also use the shortcuts to automate Whatsapp on iPhones

Within the app, tap on “Add action”. You can then select the “Whatsapp” app via “Apps” and then the “Message with Whatsapp” action, or you can tap a contact directly. Alternatively, select the “Automation” option in the lower area when starting the Shortcuts app.


Automating Whatsapp has many options in the Shortcuts app.

On the next page, you can use “Create personal automation” to go to the selection area for a new automation. Here you select “Time of day” to create a defined schedule.

You can then create a new action here as well. Look for “text” in the search box at the top. You can then enter your text that you want to send. Then tap on the plus sign and search for “Whatsapp” and “Send message with Whatsapp”. Here you can now add recipients who should receive the text via Whatsapp.


There are several ways to automate the iPhone

Alternative: Automatic sending of SMS / MMS from the iPhone

If you want to send messages automatically, you still have to rely on conventional SMS or MMS when using iPhones. Although this is only possible with iPhones with additional apps, these apps are also available for this purpose.

Prominent examples are “AutoSender” and “SMS Scheduler”. However, the two services cannot send time-delayed Whatsapp messages.

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