Leak in Pokémon Unite of the next upcoming Pokémon

Leak in Pokémon Unite of the next upcoming Pokémon
Leak in Pokémon Unite of the next upcoming Pokémon

Pokémon Unite has just received its first update since its official release on Switch and dataminers have looked at the game files. Their research shows many new Pokémon that may be coming to the game.

Widely shunned during its announcement at the beginning of the year, Pokémon Unite has since found its place among Pokémon fans. Despite a sometimes questionable economic model, the MOBA developed by TiMi Studios has successfully entered the very closed court of MOBAs by offering an entertaining experience with good competitive bases, two of the most important ingredients for a game of this category.

Another positive point for this Pokémon Unite, the presence of more than twenty Pokémon to control and all different gameplay, enough to satisfy all players, or almost. Indeed to stay on the front of the stage as long as possible and prepare for the arrival of the mobile version next September, the developers have already planned the content to come to amaze players.

While the game has been welcoming the very popular Gardevoir to its roster since this morning, some clever people have gone to rummage through the game files to try to discover the surprises to come. An initiative crowned with success since these dataminers have made a rather successful fishery in recent days, as we will show you here.

With the Pokémon discovered, whether intended to be played or to take the place of wild Pokémon on the maps, this should satisfy those who were already starting to tire of the “champions” available.

For the most part, this information is the work of eclipse_tt, a leaker recognized in the Pokémon universe and who seems to have a lot to share with us. Note also that nothing has yet been officially announced and that we must therefore take all this with a minimum of hindsight and big tweezers.

New Pokémon coming to Pokémon Unite

Even before the release of this update, several Pokémon had already been discovered in the game files (Ver. Among them, we find Pokémon whose role is not yet clearly identified. They could be wild Pokémon, to play or even scraps resulting from previous tests during development.

Pokémon with uncertain role:

  • Nidoking
  • Mimitoss
  • Tauros
  • Coatox
  • Word
  • Statitik
  • Mygavolt
  • Exagide
  • Predastery
  • Teddy bear
  • Cucumber
  • Article
  • Jirachi
  • victine
  • Xerneas

In parallel, three Pokémon, on the other hand, have all the characteristics to become the next playable characters of Pokémon Unite, Leuphoria, Nymphali and Rongrigou. Eclipse also adds that Aeromite, which is already a Wild Pokémon, is seeing its previous line, Mimitoss arrive. on this subject, who says Leuphorie and Nymphali also says Leveinard and Evoli. These two Pokémon would of course have already been tested and we are waiting to learn more about Rongourmand. On the other hand, just like with Lucario and Riolu, no sign of Ptiravi.

The attacks of Tortank, Leuphorie, Nymphali and Rongourmand

In one

this Thursday, July 29, we now learn what the future Capacities of Tortank, Leuphorie, Nymphali and Rongourmand will be.

For the latter, it will be necessary to expect Thieving which will then become, according to your choice, Canon Chant or Gyroballe on one side and Vow which can become Garde-à-Joues or Cognobidon.

Regarding Nymphali, the Eevee Fairy type evolution will begin with Meteors then Psychic Shock or Megaphone as well as Attraction later becoming Vampibaiser or Fairy Wind.

Bliss for its part will arrive in the arena with Crush’Face being able to then improve in Bomb’Egg or Kick. His other ability would happen to be Vibra Heal then E-Coque or Glas de Healing.

Finally, Tortank, which we have already seen several times, especially in the presentation videos of the game, should not take long to arrive. The starter of the first Generation will thus join Bulbasaur and Charmander with Pistolet à O and Coud’Krâne. The first can be changed into a Hydrocanon or Giclédo. As for the second, players will have the choice between Surf or Quick Tour.

Pokémon Unite bosses

While the 5v5 game mode is the most popular, there are several different maps and game modes to add variety to your games. On these maps are several bosses in addition to the classic Motisma, Torgamord and Electhor. If the latter is also the source of many topics on Reddit, players will no doubt be happy to discover a little more in depth the statistics of these bosses who can more or less change the course of a game.

Here’s what we know about them:

Pokémon HP Attack Special Attack Defense Special Defense Speed
Electhor 6610 162 / 250 250 /
Torgamord 4290 185 / 250 250 2300
Motisma 4290 185 / 250 250 3000
Regigigas 8640 232 / 250 250 /
Séracrawl 8640 232 / 250 250 3000
Tarenbulle 4130 122 / 250 250 4000
Electhor (4v4) 5000 200 100 300 300 /

As we can see, Electhor in 4v4 is the only boss to have a Special Attack stat, which as Eclipse points out, could quickly become terrifying.

Anyway, this information is welcome in order to better understand what potentially awaits players in the weeks and months to come. While many trainers are already calling for a balancing of certain characters (hello Zeraora) and game mechanics such as experience granted in the Central Zone or the bonus granted by Electhor, Pokémon Unite is enjoying a major success which we hope will be confirmed with the next patches to come.

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