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Pokémon Unite has about twenty different playable Pokémon. What Pokémon are available and how do I play them?

Pokémon Unite is available from July 21, 2021 on Nintendo Switch. A release is planned on iOS and Android mobile for September 2021.

It is already possible to play with twenty different Pokémon, each with its own strengths and abilities. To prevail over your opponents, you will need to build a cohesive team and know your strengths and your opponents’ weaknesses well. here is full list of playable Pokémon.

All playable Pokémon on Pokémon Unite

Discover all the Pokémon available in the Pokémon Unite game. If you want to know more about a Pokémon, do not hesitate to click to go to its dedicated page. You will then discover its capabilities and our advice on how to play it well.

Zeraora, build et moves

Pikachu, build et moves


Dracaufeu, build et moves


Ronflex, build et moves


Crabaraque, build et moves


Amphinobi, build et moves


Blancoton, build et moves


Flambusard, build et moves


Lucario, build et moves


Florizarre, build et moves


M. Mime, build et moves


Flagadoss, build et moves


Absol, build et moves


Mackogneur, build et moves


Grodoudou, build et moves


Alola strip, build et moves


Nigosier, build et moves


Ectoplasm, build et moves


Carchacrok, build et moves


Pyrobut, build et moves

Other Pokémon are coming to the game soon. Tortank and of Gardevoir which have already been officially announced.

As a reminder, Pokémon Unite is a MOBA that is played mainly in 5v5. You will therefore have to form a team of 5 different Pokémon in order to confront an opposing team. The object of the game is to score as many points as possible on enemy bases. Indeed, the team with the most points at the end of the 10 minutes of the match wins the game.


Pokémon Unite build list fighters guide playable characters Breakflip

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