Genshin Impact and Horizon Zero Dawn formalize an astonishing crossover

Genshin Impact and Horizon Zero Dawn formalize an astonishing crossover
Genshin Impact and Horizon Zero Dawn formalize an astonishing crossover

Aloy, the Huntress from Horizon Zero Dawn will soon appear in Genshin Impact as a 5-star character.

For just a few days, Genshin Impact players have been able to experience MiHoYo RPG update 2.0. With it, a whole new country opened up to travelers from Teyvat, but also a good number of mechanics, as well as several new characters. While the new banner is currently honoring Ayaka, the Chinese development studio has just surprised its audience, by formalizing the arrival of a brand new 5-star character. Equipped with her bow and a powerful Cryo vision, Aloy should be made accessible as soon as Update 2.1 is deployed, or within six weeks. If the young woman evokes something to you, it is quite simply because it is about the heroine of the game Horizon Zero Dawn, developed by Guerilla Games and released in 2017.

A first crossover in partnership with Sony

For its first official crossover, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn will be available to all players in Genshin Impact. An obviously temporary availability, and which will not respond to the same mechanics as the classic characters. PS4 / PS5 players will unsurprisingly benefit, since the character will be delivered to them with his 4-star arc without preconditions, and from Update 2.1. The rest of the players on PC and mobile will have to wait, since Aloy will only be accessible for update 2.2, and provided they have reached level 20. Note that with the recent arrival of crossplay, the character had to be more easily accessible.

A temporary character?

It would be a big first in Genshin Impact, but while the crossover between MiHoYo and Horizon Zero Dawn will obviously be temporary (probably the time of 2.1 and 2.2), Aloy’s character could be too, which would involve the disappearance of the character at the end of the event, probably at the time of update 2.3. For the moment, the young woman is still very mysterious therefore, but the developers have already planned to give us more details in the coming weeks.

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