PS5: the console would have exceeded 10 million sales in just 8 months

News business PS5: the console would have exceeded 10 million sales in just 8 months

Published on 7/22/2021 8:31 AM

From the start, Sony has never hidden its ambitions regarding the sales of the PlayStation 5: its plans seem to be going as planned since we learn via VGChartz that the machine has already passed a very symbolic milestone.

Not long ago, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida admitted grandiose ambitions for the PlayStation 5 : succeed in selling more than 22.6 million in one year (as soon as the replenishment thresholds are reached), so as to beat the record for the first PlayStation of the name in 1998. It’s ambitious, yes, but perhaps not impractical in view of the latest (very) encouraging figures communicated by the VG Chartz site, specializing in the economics of the video game sector.

So it is in an article devoted to weekly worldwide sales of consoles that we learn that the PS5 would have sold 235,907 times last week, then crossing the iconic milestone of 10 million cumulative sales with … 10.01 million takers. An impressive statistic, especially since it would have been achieved 35 weeks after its release, where the PS4 had taken 39 to reach this score.

However, the figures coming from analysts at VG Chartz and not coming from Sony itself, we will wisely wait for an official statement from the Japanese giant: in any case that would make the PS5, and definitely, the fastest-selling machine in PlayStation history.

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PS5 console exceeded million sales months

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