Pictures and gameplay for NBA 2K22 – News

Pictures and gameplay for NBA 2K22 – News
Pictures and gameplay for NBA 2K22 – News

Side gameplay, the publisher gives an appointment above all in the month of August for a detailed presentation of the new mechanics. For now, it seems that the game is redoubling its demands for stringing together dribbling combos, achieving perfect shots or dunking despite reinforced defense. “All this will depend much more on your skills“, we are assured, probably to avoid the abuse of last year, and better distinguish the great offensive players. Word to the defense? This is in any case what the publisher wants us to believe when He is pointing out that “elite defenders really can change the course of the game“. We can bet that this is really the case.

The principle of Seasons will naturally make a comeback in long-term fashions – MyTEAM, My CAREER and The W dedicated to women’s basketball (on next-gen) – with new content added regularly. The leveling up in the My Player section should also benefit from some changes that remain to be defined. On the My TEAM side, the equivalent of Ultimate Team mode for card collectors, the developers are announcing the return of the draft to quickly draw from a continuously updated roster of players without the need to pack elite players. A mode that adds to the follow-up week after week, and the continuous addition of new types of packs. Progression cross-gen will always be there to transfer its progress in the same ecosystem of consoles.

As every year, the players created by you will have to evolve either in a new district (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) or in a new larger city (PS5, Xbox Series X | S), with in the second case a brand new quest system to punctuate the meetings on the playgrounds with the other players. The platforms of the previous generation will accommodate a cruise, include a district built on a liner, with excursions – special events – to punctuate the season. So many details that will be specified in early September, a stone’s throw from the release.

Finally, on the side of Ma Carrière, the famous mode where you shape your player match after match, 2K provides a new story on old-generation machines, but also some small bonuses for owners of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Hidden talents can be unlocked through side adventures, where your player will also break into fashion, hip-hop and others to earn more and more improvement points. It will also be possible to personalize your own home by gaining in luxury through success. But again, see you in September, when the game will be in the starting blocks. Remember, the release of NBA 2K22 is scheduled for September 10 on consoles and PC, with several versions and several prices depending on the targeted edition.


Pictures gameplay NBA #2K22 News

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