A problematic typo is bugging many Chromebooks

A typo is often harmless. However, when it comes to the code for updating an operating system, it can prove to be much more problematic.

L’Acer Chromebook 514 // Source : Acer

In recent days, some Chrome OS users have received an update to their system. With the number 91.0.4772.165, this version is very problematic, preventing several users from using their PC.

A moderator of the r / chromeos subreddit warns: “we recommend that you DO NOT update until further notice“. The reason for this alert? “Latest stable update prevents users from signing in“. For some, however, it is too late, the update has been made and it has become impossible for them to identify themselves on their Chromebook, their password is no longer considered valid.

Google makes mistakes

Google quickly pulled the update from its servers and seems aware of the problem. A new version should be deployed today (Wednesday, July 21), but it does not say that those who have already made the .165 update will be able to apply it simply without being able to log into their system, unless they realize a complete system restore, and therefore potentially losing some data.

This bug comes right after another noticeable Chrome OS issue. Version 91.0.4472.147 (the previous update) had already been retired due to abnormal CPU consumption, forcing some to roll back to version 91.0.4472.114. Suffice to say that ChromeOS users should not feel particularly reassured when the next updates arrive.

A simple typo

But where exactly does the problem come from? A Reddit user looked at the code for the latest updates, and it looks like the error came from a simple error in a conditional statement.

In C ++, as in other programming languages, to check that several conditions are respected simultaneously, we use the logical operator “&&”. However, in the last update, to verify the identification of the account, the values ​​are separated by a simple “&”.

if (key_data_.has_value() & !key_data_->label().empty()) {


if (key_data_.has_value() && !key_data_->label().empty()) {

Too bad there weren’t more tests done beforehand to spot this very problematic typo that wasted a lot of time for ChromeOS users.

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