Google Chrome in version 92. What’s new?

Google releases version 92 of its Chrome browser. It is advertised with faster detection of phishing sites. On average, the analysis and classification results for phishing are obtained after 100 ms instead of 1.8 s previously.

Thanks to small algorithm improvements, the anti-phishing technology is said to reduce the total CPU time used by Chrome’s rendering and other processes by almost 1.2%. What influence in particular the battery life.

Google points out that Chrome on Android uses a new machine learning model with on-device execution to better detect phishing attempts and better protect users. If applicable and as before, a full-page interstitial warning is displayed.

Also on Android, the browser offers a new way to check permission for a website to use the camera, microphone, or location data, as well as to change permissions.

The isolation of sites, with sites that are treated separately so that they cannot access data created by another site and stored by the browser, is extended. This applies in particular to extensions so that they cannot share processes with each other. It is a security feature to be seen in the context of malicious sites and extensions.

Introduced with version 87 of Google Chrome, Chrome Actions allow you to perform certain tasks directly from the address bar, for example to clear browsing data with a button that appears in autocomplete suggestions after having entered wipe off.

Version 92 of Chrome extends the range of Chrome Actions with in particular safety check to check the security of passwords and others. Google also quotes manage security settings and manage sync for the appropriate security and synchronization checks. It will nevertheless be necessary to wait for a large-scale deployment and availability in French.


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