Install Chrome 92 now to take advantage of its security updates

Install Chrome 92 now to take advantage of its security updates
Install Chrome 92 now to take advantage of its security updates

Good news for Google Chrome users. The Mountain View firm has just updated its internet browser and for this version, it has been full of new security features.

Among these novelties, there is a new device against computer attacks such as phishing or phishing. As a reminder, this type of attack consists of deceiving the user, by making him believe that he is on the site of a service that he is using (when he is not), in order to steal information such as passwords or bank details.

Chrome 92 offers faster protection against phishing attacks

On Chrome 92, Google offers improved protections against this type of attack. If the browser was already armed against these attacks, with Chrome 92, this protection would be faster.

“Phishing continues to be one of the biggest threats on the web, but protecting against such attacks can sometimes impact browser speed. Thanks to the latest improvements to image processing in Chrome, phishing detection is now 50 times faster and uses less battery ”, says Google.

In addition to improving the detection of phishing attacks, Google is also announcing the expansion of a measure called site isolation. This is a protection that prevents malicious sites from stealing data from other websites.

Better confidentiality management

Sometimes we have trouble managing all the permissions (like access to geolocation, microphone, camera, etc.) that we grant to websites. But on Chrome 92, managing these permissions will be easier. Indeed, by pressing a button, you can quickly view all the permissions granted to a website and revoke them.

“Just tap the lock icon on the left side of the Chrome address bar to open the updated panel, which displays the permissions you’ve granted for that particular site. From there, you can more easily switch between sharing and not sharing access to things like your location and camera. And in a future version, we will also add an option to remove the site from your browsing history in Chrome ”, says Google. This novelty will arrive first on Android smartphones and tablets, but it should land later on other platforms.

This new update to Google Chrome, which is the world’s most widely used browser, comes at a time when data protection is becoming an even more sensitive topic. Note also that recently, Google announced a new visual indicator intended to protect Internet users against phishing on Gmail.

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