Pokémon Unite trailer: the Pokémon MOBA launches on video

He had known how to surprise, infuriate and intrigue at the same time during his announcement: the MOBA Pokémon is appearing today on Nintendo Switch.

You probably know that Pokémon has prepared a MOBA for us, right? Well if you had missed the information, it was countlessr the official Pokémon channel on Youtube, who unveiled a promotional trailer for celebrate the release of this very special new opus.

The principle is simple: we find how a classic MOBA works, but it is not heroes or legends that you play, but Pokémon, that you will have to evolve to win. As seen through this trailer, the idea is therefore to be able to face his friends as his favorite Pokémon.

Nevertheless, it has been noted that French was not in the game for the moment. But don’t panic, Nintendo’s digital store assures us that “the French version will be available at a later date.” However, if you want to be able to play the fabulous Pokémon Zeraora, you will have to connect to this free-to-play before August 31, French version or not.

Pokémon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch today, and should be on iOS and Android by September 2021.

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Pokémon Unite trailer Pokémon MOBA launches video

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