PES is over, Konami launches eFootball

PES is over, Konami launches eFootball
PES is over, Konami launches eFootball

This Wednesday, Konami unveiled the outlines of its new football game simulation. Ads that surprised fans of the saga since the game becomes free and is called eFootball.

Every summer, video game fans eagerly await the announcement of football simulations, all the more so with the release of new generation consoles. Konami surprised everyone by renaming their soccer game. The name PES is over, now it’s time for eFootball.

This game, which will be available next fall, will be partly free. In this version, it will be possible to play with only nine teams. For the other teams present in the game and the different game modes, you will have to pay.

The game is therefore in free to play format. It will also be possible to play via his mobile against a player on console and to face a player who has another console than his own.

The end of an era

With the choice of Konami, the famous ‘war’ between FIFA and PES may no longer take place. In addition, EA Sport unveiled on Tuesday how the new FIFA opus has been designed with the appearance of a new Hyper Motion technology exclusively for the game on new generation consoles. Defensive and guardian behaviors have been redesigned to appear more real.

The stars of Paris Saint-Germain are also in the spotlight. World champion in 2018, Kylian Mbappé will be on the cover of FIFA 22 for the second consecutive year while Neymar becomes Konami’s new ambassador. The Brazilian was already on the cover of the PES 2016 game with the Brazil jersey.


PES Konami launches eFootball

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