The CSA reframes CNEWS for “clandestine advertising”

The CSA reframes CNEWS for “clandestine advertising”
The CSA reframes CNEWS for “clandestine advertising”

The 24-hour news channel highlighted the Disney + “Star” catalog last February.

Information or publicity? A sequence broadcast in “The Morning»Of CNEWS on February 24th called on the Superior council of audio-visual (CSA). At the time, the cultural journalist Olivier Benkemoun presented the arrival of the catalog “StarOn the Disney + video-on-demand service. He then unveiled, in front of the camera, several promotional products sent by Disney: balloon, popcorn, poster … Before detailing the different packages offered by the site. And to mention the agreement between Disney + and MyCanal, the platform of Canal +, owner of CNews.

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Faced with this situation, the CSA finally decided, on Tuesday July 20, to call to order the continuous news channel for “clandestine advertising».


In its referral, the French regulator regrets the “complacent both in terms of the catalog and in terms of price, features and terms of access to the service“. In view of these elements, the audiovisual policeman considers that “the broadcast of this sequence contravened the prohibition on clandestine advertising set out in article 9 of the decree of March 27, 1992».

In its question-answer section, the CSA also recalls that it does not have to “provide proof that the promotion was made for remuneration or intentionally“. He issues a warning to CNEWS, and warns the channel of other potential future breaches relating to “clandestine advertisements».


CSA reframes CNEWS clandestine advertising

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