Wiimote: many prototype designs reappear – news

Wiimote: many prototype designs reappear – news
Wiimote: many prototype designs reappear – news

Inseparable from the success of the Wii, Nintendo’s famous movement recognition remote control has obviously gone through many iterations and prototypes even before being officially presented to the press. The only point in common between all those unveiled yesterday: the elongated shape, designed mainly for a vertical grip, in order to comfort any user in his viewing habits.

The “Dreamers Dev” account thus unveils a green prototype dated July 2005, to marry one of the possible colors of the Wii before Nintendo opts for more sobriety for the commercial release. We can see additional L and R buttons positioned on either side of button B, but also a directional control ring around button A similar to those of conventional television remote control. Of designs later also show that the + and – buttons inherited from the Wii U and then the Switch could have been named “Back” and “Pause”, or simply symbolized by arrows, in the extension of the Nintendo 64.

These are all elements that will be adjusted, corrected and refined to lead to the design that more than 100 million Wii buyers have experienced, with or without Wii MotionPlus. At a time when movement recognition is back in the news with a certain Zelda Skyward Sword HD, it is always good to go back to basics.


Wiimote prototype designs reappear news

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