Steam Deck: Ubisoft could sell games there, but on one condition

Game news Steam Deck: Ubisoft could sell games there, but on one condition

Published on 7/21/2021 1:10 PM

Recently unveiled, the Steam Deck caused a sensation and is already starting to sell like hot cakes. Faced with the growing scale of the phenomenon, Ubisoft spoke out and mentioned the possible appearance of its games on the platform …

Steam created a surprise a few days ago by unveiling its own portable console, the Steam Deck, with rather convincing performances which may well seduce nomadic players. In fact, the machine is already starting to sell by pallets: pre-orders were victims of their success and some people take the opportunity to resell the beast at exorbitant prices.

Faced with this very likely success, Yves Guillemot, iconic CEO of Ubisoft, spoke during a question-and-answer session with IGN :

We are happy to see the Steam Deck come into the industry. It shows that the flow of new, highly innovative hardware on the market continues. We are therefore going to monitor it and study the extent of it. If it gets big, we’ll make sure we put our games on it.

Congratulations, therefore, but also a potential back-pedaling since Ubisoft has stopped the release of its new games on the Steam catalog in favor of the Epic Games Store, whose remuneration is more attractive. If the Steam Deck is definitely a success, the French giant could therefore join forces again with Valve to market its games …

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