GTA Online Trailer: Tuning in Los Santos Update Live

As we know, GTA Online is in the heyday of GTA V and is regularly maintained with new updates. The most recent was deployed yesterday and gives pride of place to the automobile.

With this new update, the Los Santos auto show opens its doors to you. This new club and social space is the perfect place to show off your latest vehicle dressed like never before and make other players green with envy. It is towards Cypress Flats that it will be necessary to go to meet Mimi, the manager of the place. But beware, nothing is free! To become a member of the auto show, and thus benefit from its many advantages, you will need disburse the sum of 50,000 GTA $. In the program ? 6 new types of races, a tuning workshop, a reward vehicle or even access to a test track to test the limits of your vehicles. Suffice to say that the tires will screech hard at Cypress Flats.

This new update, titled Tuning in Los Santos, also sees the arrival of 10 new customizable cars on the theme of tuning, a new property (the auto workshop), 6 flight contracts and new races, not to mention various improvements requested by the community.

As a reminder, Grand Theft Auto V is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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GTA Online Trailer Tuning Los Santos Update Live

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