Genshin Impact 2.0, Kamisato Ayaka: Should we summon it? Analysis and guide

She was long overdue … After almost a year, Ayaka finally landed on Genshin Impact. She is therefore the first limited character in version 2.0. Let’s see what it is.

Should we invoke Ayaka, new 5-star character of Genshin Impact? We will see together its skills, its constellations, how to equip it and especially if Ayaka is interesting enough to be worth spending your precious Prime Gems to summon it as part of our Genshin Impact guide, and our Genshin Impact character tier list.

Who is Ayaka?

Clan girl Kamisato of the Cultural Committee. Dignified and elegant, but also wise and strong. She uses the sword, she is a 5 star type and uses the Hydro element.


Genshin Impact 2.0, Kamisato Ayaka: Should we summon it? Analysis and guide

Normal attack

Chain up to 5 sword strikes.

Charged attack

Consumes stamina to unleash two Swift Blades of Wind.

Top-down attack

Dive from the air to strike the ground, dealing damage to enemies on the road and area damage on impact.

Kamisato school: Ice flower

Ayaka summons a frozen flower that knocks nearby enemies, inflicting AoE Cryo damage.

Kamisato school: Frost trail

Replaces the sprint

Ayaka consumes stamina to move quickly in the midst of an ice fog. Under frost trail, Ayaka can move quickly on water. At the end of the state, it reappears: two things then occur simultaneously:

  • It releases icy energy that applies the element Cryo to nearby enemies.
  • The cold is confined to his sword: the damage inflicted by the latter is momentarily converted into Cryo damage

Kamisato School: Deadly Frost

Ayaka adopts a magnificent posture to release a frosty whirlwind that moves forward without stopping.

  • The Frosted swirl Continuously slashes enemies in its path, dealing Cryo damage
  • The vortex eventually explodes, inflicting AoE Cryo damage.

Fruits de Shinsa

10% chance to get double products when synthesizing weapon elevation materials

Sanctification of the unclean

Grants Ayaka’s normal and charged attacks following casting within 6 seconds Kamisato School: Ice Flower a 30% damage bonus.

Blessing of Kanten Senmyou

The frozen energy released at the end Kamisato School: Frost Trail Grants Ayaka 10 stamina regeneration and 18% Cryo damage bonus for 10 seconds, if you hit the enemy.

Materials required to awaken Ayaka and improve her skills

Genshin Impact 2.0, Kamisato Ayaka: Should we summon it? Analysis and guide

His rise to level 90

  • 1x Shard of jade shivada
  • 9x Fragment de jade shivada
  • 9x Piece of shivada jade
  • 6x Jade stone shivada
  • 46x Perpetual hearts (Booty from Perpetual mechanical matrix)
  • 168x Cherry blossoms (Found all over Izanuma)
  • 18x Ancient handguard (Booty from Nobuchi)
  • 30x Kageuchi handguard (Booty from Nobuchi)
  • 36x Kageuchi handguard (Booty from Nobuchi)
  • 420000 Moras

Improving your talents

  • 9x Teaching Elegance
  • 63x Elegance guide
  • 114x Philosophy of elegance
  • 18x Ancient handguard (Booty from Nobushi)
  • 66x Kageuchi handguard (Booty from Nobuchi)
  • 93x Kageuchi handguard (Booty from Nobuchi)
  • 18x Crimson Jade Branch (Drop of the Azhdaha Challenge ” ‘)
  • 3x Crown of wisdom
  • 1,652,500 Moras.


Genshin Impact 2.0, Kamisato Ayaka: Should we summon it? Analysis and guide

Frosted Cherry

Ayaka’s normal and charged attacks have a 50% chance to reduce cooldown Kamisato School: Ice Flower 0.3 seconds when dealing Cryo damage to enemies. This effect can trigger once every 0.1 seconds.

Lame de blizzard Seki

Two additional small frosted swirls are released upon activation Kamisato School – Deadly Frost : Each deals 20% of the damage of the original whirlpool.

Frosted Flower Confetti

Competence level Kamisato School: Deadly Frost +3

Preeminent return

The DEF of enemies taking damage from the Frost Vortex Kamisato School: Deadly Frost is reduced by 30% for 6 seconds.

Moon among the clouds

Competence level Kamisato school: Ice flower +3

Moon Dance

Kamisato Ayaka glows with a Frozen Grace every 10 seconds, increasing the damage done by his charged attack by 298%. This effect cancels 0.5 seconds after Ayaka’s charged attack hits an enemy, then this ability’s timer starts.

Genshin Impact 2.0, Kamisato Ayaka: Should we summon it? Analysis and guide

No real surprise here, the set Ice breaker is ideal for Ayaka. In addition to granting a Cryo damage bonus, it increases its crit rating by up to 40% if the enemy is frozen.

Genshin Impact 2.0, Kamisato Ayaka: Should we summon it? Analysis and guide

In terms of weapons, the Mist-slice reflection, so we were telling you HERE is by far the best choice for her. Another great choice for her, as long as she accompanies her with a character who can give her a shield, is the Tranche-vertices, given the attack bonus that this weapon will bring you. The Jade cutter and Sword of the Azure Vault are also correct choices.

And if you don’t have 5-star weapons, prefer Blackrock Longsword in the Astéries Exchange store, or the black sword if you run out of crit rate.

In terms of statistics, here are the main ones we recommend:

Piece of equipment Main statistic
hourglass ATQ%
Coupe Cryo damage

And in terms of statistics in general:

Statistics for Ayaka
Critical damage
Critical rate
Energy recharge
Genshin Impact 2.0, Kamisato Ayaka: Should we summon it? Analysis and guide

It’s important to talk about current meta, which is what is working well on Genshin Impact’s more complicated content right now.

La team Reverse melt, which therefore uses the elementary cast sequence, is undoubtedly the strongest team at the moment. It consists of having:

  • A Cryo character who hurts a lot (Ganyu is the best possible choice right now)
  • A Pyro character, with a good ultimate aptitude, in order to have the element on the enemies (Xiangling for example)
  • Character anemo as Twenty, to be able to chain ticks Pyro thanks to its ulti which absorbs the element
  • And a support character like Bennett, Jean, Zhongli …

Once this setup is in place, Ganyu’s charged arrows will do colossal damage to enemies. Mainly because they hit in 2 times, and have a huge damage multiplier.

We could think qu’Ayaka would be perfect to replace Ganyu, and thus interfere in the meta of the moment, but for some time, some theorists (Those who do calculations to optimize their teams as well as possible) have noticed something …

Ayaka’s greatest strength prevents him from accessing this composition. Her ultimate ability hurts a lot, but she also hits fast. Which conflicts with one of the game’s mechanics that old MMOs and other power-boosting players already know: Internal cooldown.

The principle is simple: When you apply an item to an opponent, there is a 2.5 second cooldown before that item is reapplied. Here is an example in video. As you have seen, the ultimate ability d’Ayaka is so fast, that only one in three hits will be counted as elementary, and with the damage bonus linked to the source.

If you were going to play Ayaka in this composition, we advise you instead to go on a composition Gel with Mona / Xingqiu, much more efficient with it.

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Pjoo on Reddit

Should we invoke it?

Genshin Impact 2.0, Kamisato Ayaka: Should we summon it? Analysis and guide

Ayaka is a good character, who does great damage, really. Notably thanks to its ultimate ability, which hits 20 times in a short period of time. She is very fun to play thanks to her special dash (Although being able to jump out of it could have been even cooler). Contrary to Eula, Ayaka is a “real” Cryo character, in the sense that these are going to be a big part of your DPS.

Ayaka However, it is not played like the other characters, thanks to its special dash, so you will have to test it in the “Try is to adopt” mode, to be sure to stick to its gameplay. In the end, it’s a good dose of originality that doesn’t hurt.

We recommend that you summon it if you need a character Cryo which does excellent damage (especially if you don’t have Ganyu).

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