Netflix details its future gaming offer a little more

In a letter to its investors, Netflix gave more details about its gaming offer, including its cost and the first platform targeted.

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« Video game Netflix Finally happens for real. Long used to refer to certain cloud gaming offers (the Xbox Game Pass in particular) or Apple Arcade, this expression will take on a whole new meaning with the launch of the famous SVoD platform in the field of gaming.

Only mentioned by Bloomberguntil then, the future service is detailed a little more officially through a letter from Netflix to its investors.

No additional cost for the video game

Confirming the information from the American press agency, Netflix specifies that this offer will be included in the subscription, at no additional cost. It is ultimately not so much a new service as a new type of content “like original movies, animation or unscripted television ».

After all, it makes sense. The biggest competitors of Netflix are not so much Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV + or Disney +, but all the other activities that you can practice, in front of your television or not, and which occupy your free time… including the video game.

Mobile first

Netflix also specifies that priority will be given initially to games for mobile devices. So do not expect blockbusters to compete with the AAAA games of a Naughty Dog for example.

To justify its turn towards gaming, the letter also takes two examples: the interactive episode of Black Mirror, Bandersnatch, and the game Stranger Things, available on iOS and Android. It is therefore rather an Apple Arcade service that one should expect.

One point still remains uncertain: is it a cloud gaming service, which would be consistent in 2021/2022 for the streaming giant, or simply games available for download. This will remain to be clarified in the coming months.


Netflix details future gaming offer

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