this summer’s health pass continues to divide public opinion in Belgium

this summer’s health pass continues to divide public opinion in Belgium
this summer’s health pass continues to divide public opinion in Belgium

Belgium claimed to use a “crown pass” from July 1 to enable participation in outdoor test events first, then from mid-August to participate in large-scale events. Ultimately, it should also make it easier to travel without quarantine constraints.

However, the use of this “passport” is not unanimous. If the federal deputy Georges Dallemagne and the immunologist Sophie Lucas (UCLouvain) affirm that this pass is the solution to regain his freedom, the president of the MR Georges-Louis Bouchez considers on the other hand that it is an obstacle to the individual liberty : “Today, there are still hundreds of thousands of Belgians who have not had the opportunity to be vaccinated and I would be one of them”, he says. “I would live badly if a pass was established everywhere and that I had to go to be tested in compensation because I am 35 years old while others have, by their elder years, had the opportunity to be vaccinated. The tool can only be considered at the end of the first wave of vaccination. If we do not reach 70 to 80% vaccination coverage, pass or not pass, we will continue to have health problems. “

Should the tests be free?

Here again, the question divides. For Sophie Lucas for example, not all tests can be delivered free of charge. “Testing should be free in people with symptoms or in contact with someone potentially contaminating”, she asserts.

And if Georges Dallemagne hopes that the tests will be free, especially for young people, to avoid any form of discrimination, Georges-Louis Bouchez is already announcing that this will not be the case: “Free access does not exist. It is always the citizen who pays at the end. The covid safety ticket, for events of more than 5,000 people, comes into force on August 13 and ends on September 30. Everyone will have had at that time the possibility of being vaccinated for free or to have a test. So it would not be justified that the test is free. “

A pass valid until September 30?

Last point of contention: the validity of the pass. This is currently announced until September 30 in Belgium. “However, it deserves to remain beyond September 30 since the crisis will not be over”, estimates immunologist Sophie Lucas. “A decision for six months would seem more reasonable to me”, concludes Georges Dallemagne.

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