Tokyo Olympic Games – 3×3 basketball: the French women without a solution against Team USA but solid against Italy, we continue tomorrow!

Tokyo Olympic Games – 3×3 basketball: the French women without a solution against Team USA but solid against Italy, we continue tomorrow!
Tokyo Olympic Games – 3×3 basketball: the French women without a solution against Team USA but solid against Italy, we continue tomorrow!

Here we are ! Today, our Bleues opened the ball with the first day of the 3 × 3 basketball competition. Music, a basket, a victory and a defeat, a balanced record for this entry into the running. Come on, for those who were focused on judo or weightlifting (each his choice), a little recap on the two meetings of the day, and hang in there, because the 3 × 3 does not drag.

The girls of the 3 × 3 selection had two meetings today: the start of the competition against the United States and a second match against Italy. A match on half-court in 10 minutes or 21 points, speakers that swing sound during the match, the opportunity to hit the USA to start … As you could understand, the menu of the day was more than announced. appetizing, and despite empty stands, we will have managed to get along. Recipe ? Daft Punk in the ears, President Emmanuel Macron who watches 3 × 3 from the stands (this is a sentence we never thought to pronounce), and two crazy teams. Between two words of One More Time, Marie-Eve Paget plants a big three, Kelsey Plum answers her directly, let’s gooo, the Olympics are on! Unfortunately for our tricolors, this first match does not take the turn we would have liked. Faced with the Americans trained in WNBA sauce, the French suffer, cause too many faults, and fail to impose their rhythm. As a result, three minutes from the end of the match, the Blue took a 5-0 run, partly caused by the judoka giant Stefanie Dolson, who had fun in the racket against an Ana-Maria Filip without solution, the Stef ending her match with 7 points by missing only one shot. Final result: 17-10 and a start to the competition to forget. But at least now we know how to beat them when we play them in the final, and it doesn’t even come from us, it was our dear president who told the media on site after the match:

“It was undoubtedly the same poster as the final to come, but the final, they will win it” – Manu Macron, mdr

Well, this is only the first game of the campaign, we have to bounce back quickly and that way we move on. If you have followed well so far, the second opponents of the day were therefore the Italians. The objective by entering the field was clear for our Frenchies, to win the match to end on a good note and not to have nightmares on Shaq’fanie Dolson this night. And frankly, at the start of the match we were scared. A sublime 7-1 in favor of Italy from the start, enough to reassure us for the rest of the meeting. The French are struggling to create opportunities in attack, and the Italian address is indecent. Little by little, the Bleues are resuming their status as boss, Ana-Maria gorges herself on the inside, Laetitia Guapo adjusts her trigger and the tricolors come back in front of the score, enough to offer us a very nice money time, and even more stressful than ‘a day before Bac results (how do we do too much?). The 1m63 leader Raelin D’Alie keeps hers afloat (8 points), but the two big ones threes de Guapo and de Paget at the end of their possession with the board – not announced but too bad – bury the tombeuses of Mongolia a few hours earlier. Well, we can also say thank you, because the number of open shots behind the 3-point line – end of 2-points in this case – that they did not enter will have been very precious to us. No need to make any conclusions after this first day, the Blue quickly corrected the shooting after the defeat against the States Epicetou. However, we will have to make more stops in defense, but when we know the talent of this team, we do not doubt for a single moment that it will be done.

Thank you girls for getting the ball rolling for French basketball, we would have enjoyed two victories to start, but you managed the catch-ups against Italy. The next meeting for you is tomorrow against China and the host country of these Olympics. And don’t worry about Team USA, you will have the opportunity to hit them in the final, it’s Manu who says it.

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