The attacker of a delivery man in Cergy, “impulsive” and “who cannot be controlled”, sentenced to two years in prison

Demonstration of delivery men at Place de la République, in Paris, on June 18, 2021, to denounce the assault of a colleague in Cergy-Pontoise. SÉBASTIEN MUYLAERT / MAXPPP

“I walked over to him. There, he grabbed my arm, so, quite naturally, I punched him five-six times, I knocked him out. “ At the Pontoise court, President Pierre Auda raises an eyebrow: “Naturally, are you sure you want to use that expression?” ” In the box, Mourad D. does not keep still, stamps his feet, scratches himself, interrupts the debates. When the president asks him what would have been the ” good attitude “ to adopt, he replies, annoyed: “The right reaction would have been to let him give me a temper, (…) that I let myself go, that I let myself be crushed, quite simply. ” Before finally apologizing softly.

Its responsibility in the assault, on May 31, in Cergy, of Dieugrot J., a delivery man for Uber Eats, is not in doubt: it was fully filmed by a neighbor, Vitalina S., also in the room. These images of the assault, projected to the audience, have been shared millions of times on social networks. As well as the continuation, where Mourad D., furious, returns in the field of the camera to launch a salvo of racist insults towards the young woman: « You black girl, dirty black woman, nobody touches you, fat bitch, you stink of piss, for eight hundred years you have been sold like cattle, like corn, us Algerians. “

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The broadcast of this sequence had led to a real manhunt on social networks to find the aggressor, finally arrested in Paris the day after the events. Temporary in the automobile industry, Mourad D., 22, is not a first-time offender. His record contains about ten entries and the man is currently on probation following his last conviction.

Charges Without Evidence

That evening, he was waiting outside a restaurant to pick up a take-out pizza. Dieugrot J., independent delivery man, was also waiting for an order. As usual, he listened to music – “Evangelical songs”, will specify his lawyer, Me Mehana Mouhou – on her portable speaker. Too loud, to the taste of Mourad D., who asks him to lower the sound, then hits him. If he apologizes for his gesture, he assures that the delivery man would have insulted him, but without producing any other proof than a certificate from his companion who would have heard the insults through the telephone.

Dieugrot J., the victim of the beatings, remembers almost nothing. “I saw death that day », stammers this father of four children, very moved. “If I’m alive, it’s thanks to her, she gave me life”, explains the delivery man again, turning to Vitalina S. Alerted by the noises, she had the reflex to take her phone to film the scene, with the aim, explains to the audience this young mother of South African origin and Ivorian “Scare him”. It will trigger the anger of the young man, who launches out in a line of racist insults against him.

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