Estrosi announces the return of the mask in certain areas of Nice

Estrosi announces the return of the mask in certain areas of Nice
Estrosi announces the return of the mask in certain areas of Nice
Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, was Friday morning the political guest of Europe 1. While his department is the most affected in France by the Delta variant, he intends to take a series of health measures to curb contamination. On Europe 1, he announces the return of the compulsory mask in certain streets.

The progression of the Delta variant casts a shadow over summer. The Alpes-Maritimes department is the most affected in France, with 77% of Covid-19 cases linked to this strain deemed to be more contagious. Faced with this situation, the mayor of Nice, the former LR Christian Estrosi, announces a series of new health measures in his city to try to limit contamination. “We’re still green, but let’s face it […] there will be a fourth wave in our country. Will she be in 3 weeks? In 5 weeks? At the end of summer? We must already take the necessary measures to prepare ourselves for it “, declared Christian Estrosi on Friday, at the microphone ofEurope Morning.

While coastal and tourist towns such as Le Touquet and Saint-Malo retain an obligation to wear a mask in certain streets, Nice should quickly follow suit. “I am looking at which sectors require it to be imposed. But we are going to impose it”, announces the mayor.

A “vaccine confidence label” for traders

Christian Estrosi also wants to speed up the vaccination of its citizens, to reach a rate of 80% of Niçois fully vaccinated by the end of August. “If we do not reach a minimum of 80% before the end of the summer, we will not have a level of collective immunity sufficient to protect us”, warns the councilor. “We are going to protect even more fragile populations and those who can be vectors of transmission. That is why we are going to vaccinate them at their place of work. Mobile teams will crisscross the city,” he explains.

The mayor of Nice also intends to set up a “vaccine confidence label” on the storefronts of vaccinated traders. He claims to have already received several hundred requests in this direction. “There is no question of discriminating against anyone,” says Christina Estrosi, who also wants vaccination to be made compulsory for nursing staff. “For me, it is completely scandalous that in the hospital environment doctors refuse to be vaccinated, it should be an obligation,” he annoys.


Estrosi announces return mask areas Nice

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