France 2: Cyril Féraud will host “The Champion of Champions”

France 2: Cyril Féraud will host “The Champion of Champions”
France 2: Cyril Féraud will host “The Champion of Champions”

The champions of TV games are more and more popular. There were first the masters of “Numbers and letters” then, more recently, of “Do not forget the words” or “The Club of the invincibles” presented by Nagui, where personalities challenged the leaders of the TV quiz. France 2 wants to go even further by creating a sort of Champions League like in football. According to our information, Cyril Féraud will host and co-produce with Enibas (which also manufactures “Weather à la carte”) a new game called “The Champion of Champions”.

Originality of the concept: that they shone in “Everyone wants to take their place”, “Slam”, “Who wants to be made millions? “Or even at the” 12 strokes of noon “, ten of the greatest candidates who have emerged from anonymity thanks to their general knowledge will compete in four very different rounds (speed, multiple choice questions, etc.). For the first, they will all be in the running. For the final, they will be only two to claim the title. As a result, a sum of money will be donated to the association chosen by the winner.

A pure French creation? Not really. This game is a derivative of the English format “Quizmaster” launched in 2019 in England on the private channel ITV. There, fifteen players from different iconic games oppose each other. It is up to the finalists to choose the questions that will be asked of their opponent. Two issues of the France 2 version will be shot at the start of the school year for broadcast in the coming months.


France Cyril Féraud host Champion Champions

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