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Scheduled in theaters, finally bought by Netflix, How I became a superhero is finally revealed today. What is this first French superhero film worth? What about Benoît Poelvoorde with superpowers? Answers.

What is it about ?

Paris 2020. In a society where supermen are trivialized and perfectly integrated, a mysterious substance is spreading superpowers to those who do not have them. Faced with increasing incidents, Lieutenants Moreau and Schaltzmann are in charge of the investigation. With the help of Monte Carlo and Callista, two former vigilantes, they will do anything to dismantle the traffic. But Moreau’s past resurfaces, and the investigation becomes more complicated …

How I Became a Superhero, directed by Douglas Attal; written by Douglas Attal, Mélisa Godet and Charlotte Sanson; with Pio Marmaï, Vimala Pons, Leïla Bekhti, Benoît Poelvoorde, Swann Arlaud … On Netflix

Who is it with?

It looks like an author film cast and it is indeed in a blockbuster that they are reunited. Pio Marmaï plays Lieutenant Moreau, responsible for investigating everything related to supermen.

He is forced by his hierarchy to team up with a new recruit, coming from the financial brigade. It is Schaltzmann, played by Vimala Pons.

Moreau, the loner, calls on old acquaintances, a shocking duo that makes sparks: Callista (Leïla Bekhti) and Monté Carlo (Benoît Poelvoorde), superheroes who were once vigilantes and who hung up the mask .

Behind this dark affair, there is Naja, a supervillain played by Swann Arlaud in a role against the job that fits him like a glove.

Well worth a look ?

We didn’t necessarily imagine him in a movie like How I Became a Superhero. And yet. Pio Marmaï blends in perfectly with his role of a cop, a bit misanthropic, but we like it all the same. It takes time to tame it, a clever way of engaging the viewer and making them part of the story.

The connection is more obvious with Callista and Monté Carlo. Leïla Bekhti and Benoît Poelvoorde form a comic duo that deserves to be featured on several films. If they have powers – she can see the future, he can teleport – that’s not what characterizes them.

Despite their powers, they appear as ordinary heroes: Callista, converted into a social worker for young people, and Monté Carlo, retired forced because of an onset of Parkinson’s, but who works like a cop in the 80s with his little files. information on the supervillains in the area.

As for Swann Arlaud, with his youthful air, he perfectly embodies Naja, this villain who does not recover from a childhood trauma and who, in a way, did not know how to grow up. We know that there is no good film without a good villain… This fear is dismissed.

It has long been thought, wrongly, that a superheroic universe would not find its place in France. Not in the old world, where history and classical culture are so deeply ingrained.

Director Douglas Attal manages to insert his superheroes in a contemporary Paris where nothing has changed. Supers are just part of everyday life. And finally, seeing people transformed into flamethrowers in a Parisian setting is no different.


A French blockbuster

“Blockbuster”. This Anglicism, almost considered a bad word in some circles, nevertheless applies here perfectly well. This blockbuster does not appear so much in its budget – 12 million euros, it is quite modest for a film of this category – as in its ambition.

Without overdoing it, How I Became a Superhero takes the more classic form of the thriller. A clever choice. The continuation of the investigation makes it possible to better keep the pace with a few bursts here and there. The film thus avoids the blistering of twists galore which give birth to an empty shell.

We can blame Comment I have become (shortened version for close friends) his classic and already seen plots. It is the obligatory passage to introduce this universe in our decorations. Bringing something familiar and perhaps a little agreed upon is not dishonorable. Douglas Attal achieves the main thing: to prove to us that it is possible.

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