99.2% of Americans who died from Covid-19 in June were not vaccinated

99.2% of Americans who died from Covid-19 in June were not vaccinated
99.2% of Americans who died from Covid-19 in June were not vaccinated
A vial of Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus, shown by a nurse at a vaccination center in Moscow, July 2, 2021 – Natalia KOLESNIKOVA © 2019 AFP

The figures, coming straight from across the Atlantic, are impressive. According to Dr.Anthony Fauci, immunologist and strongman of the task force set up against Covid-19 by Donald Trump first, then by Joe Biden, 99.2% of Americans who died from Covid-19 during the month of June 2021 were not vaccinated.

“We can no longer be complacent […] Millions of Americans still go unvaccinated and unprotected. And because of this, their communities are in danger, their friends are in danger, the people who are dear to them are in danger, “he said during a recent press briefing, in comments shared by The Guardian.

In some American states, the figures are even more telling. In Maryland, 100% of the June deaths were unvaccinated, while 93% of new cases and hospitalizations were not either.

Vaccination is stalling

In the United States, a country where the vaccine debate is raging, 67% of the population over 18 has received at least a first dose, and 58% of them are fully protected. If the goal given by Joe Biden, that of vaccinating 70% of adults by July, has not been met, it is the disparities between different states in terms of injections that are striking.

As Franceinfo specifies in a dedicated article, Wisconsin had only ordered 8% of the doses that were pre-reserved for it last month, while Illinois had only requested 9%. According to the national media, the causes of this stagnation of the American vaccination are to be sought on the side of the voters of Donald Trump and the Republican Party who, according to a recent poll, are 40% to say they are opposed to vaccines.

However, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, it is in states where vaccination is below the national average that cases are increasing, or even tripling in some cases.

So, faced with the spread of the Delta variant, which is rapidly proliferating in the United States as elsewhere in the world, the solution does indeed seem to be vaccination. “We are in a race against this Delta variant, which is spreading very quickly, and every state is going to be faced with this,” predicts Asa Hutchinson, Republican governor of Arkansas to CNN.

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