The Tesla Model Y arrives in France

The Tesla Model Y arrives in France
The Tesla Model Y arrives in France

The German Tesla factory, which will initially produce Model Ys in particular, was supposed to start operating during the summer. But with the many administrative and environmental issues facing Tesla, the schedule seems impossible to keep. However, Tesla today confirms the first deliveries of Model Y for France in September, especially for those who had pre-ordered. These customers will therefore be invited to finalize their purchase order and financing to take advantage of the new Tesla “compact” SUV in the fall.

Like the other Tesla, the Model Y will have access to the entire European Supercharger network at the prices already charged for the Model 3. It will be able in particular to be recharged on the latest generation terminals (V3) up to 250 kW.

The range is currently made up of two models. The Great Autonomy, with its four-wheel drive and its 505 km of autonomy on the official cycle, and finally the Performance, also in four-wheel drive, but with sport brakes, lowered suspensions, 21-inch rims, a larger engine. powerful for a 0 to 100 in 3.7 seconds (instead of the 5.1 seconds of the Long Range). Autonomy, precisely, is inevitably lower (480 km).

The respective prices, excluding bonuses, are € 59,990 and € 66,990. An entry ticket finally under € 60,000 which allows Tesla to provide its customers with public aid of € 2,000 with the famous bonus. Tesla has not decided, for the moment, to offer a version of access “Standard Autonomy Plus” as on the Model 3.

The Model Y, more livable and above all equipped with a tailgate, represents a significant additional cost compared to the Model 3: € 7,000, and obviously less autonomy, due to the less favorable aerodynamics.


Tesla Model arrives France

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