Euro 2020: UEFA “thanked” England with a gift penalty

Euro 2020: UEFA “thanked” England with a gift penalty
Euro 2020: UEFA “thanked” England with a gift penalty

Frustrated by the elimination of Denmark, the Italian press believes that the arbitration favored the Three Lions last night at Wembley.

The controversial qualification of England against Denmark (2-1) in the semi-final of the Euro last night thanks in particular to a questionable penalty in overtime for the Three Lions has raised suspicions in Italy, their opponent in the final this Sunday . The Gazzetta dello Sport published a scathing article linking what happened at Wembley to the role played by Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, in the sinking of the European Super League project.

“The generous penalty which allowed the Southgate team to eliminate Denmark confirms the suspicions about the exchange of favors to Boris Johnson, considered the savior of European football after the assault on the Super League”, says the famous Italian newspaper. “By imagining what happened in the hours following the Super League coup attempt, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made history as the man who saved European football from the danger. A reciprocal effect lies in the logic of things: we can think wrongly and be sinners, but that is better than being ridiculed ”, estimates the Journal regarding the possible favor returned by UEFA with this contentious arbitration.

The media continues its explanations: “It’s a shame because this team doesn’t need help. But it all happened this month, as UEFA ignored calls from two governments and the World Health Organization’s warning to hold the final in London. The Euro promised to be very calm as regards the VAR, but the severe sanction in favor of England now raises all kinds of suspicion, even the involvement of Boris Johnson himself ”. The scenario of Sunday’s final should remove or not all suspicion about arbitration during this Euro 2020.


Euro UEFA thanked England gift penalty

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