Compulsory vaccination, holidays in Spain … What to remember from Olivier Véran’s intervention

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The Minister of Health and Solidarity was the political guest of France Inter this Friday, July 9 morning. Here’s what to remember.

The Minister of Health and Solidarity was the political guest of France Inter this Friday, July 9. Olivier Véran notably mentioned compulsory vaccination among caregivers, vacations in Spain and Portugal, free screening tests for Covid-19 as well as the epidemic situation in France.

The Delta variant progresses in France

The Minister recalled that the Delta variant, more contagious than the other variants, will probably become the majority in France from this weekend.

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“The Delta variant appeared a few weeks ago in our country and it is 60% more contagious than other viral strains. It is gradually replacing all the other viruses that existed of the coronavirus strain. It will soon be the majority in our country, probably this weekend. It again leads to an increase in contaminations in France and in the countries which surround us. The incidence rate goes up “

The minister also specified the vaccination rate among young people. Just over 800,000 are vaccinated, or about 15% of 12-17 year olds. “We’re pretty much on a good pace.” he emphasizes.

After ending the free screening tests against Covid-19 for foreign tourists, Olivier Véran does not intend to make the French pay.

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“I prefer to keep a measurement tool that is as concrete, as efficient as possible and as territorialized as possible. […] For the moment we remain on the terms of reimbursement and support. “

.@OlivierVeran : “The incidence rate is rising, even if it is much lower. But the most important is the epidemic dynamic: each week, there are about 50% more infections than the previous one. We must be vigilant. ” le79Inter

– France Inter (@franceinter)

“No panic” for holidays in Spain and Portugal

Olivier Véran wished to reassure the French who had booked vacations on the Iberian Peninsula. He reminds in particular that the European health pass allows the movement between European countries of vaccinated and protected people.

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“On the (Internet) site of the Quai d’Orsay, you have the list of countries classified in red orange etc. In Europe we have this health pass system which allows this circulation to vaccinated and protected people. No panic for the French who have booked vacations in Spain and Portugal as soon as they have the health pass and are entitled to circulate there, we let them circulate. “

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Regarding the duration of vaccine effectiveness

When asked by an auditor about the duration of the effectiveness of vaccines against Covid-19, Olivier Véran mentioned that a debate exists on a possible third injection.

“When you look at 6 months, 8 months, 10 months after vaccination, the level of antibodies in your body remains at a high level and gives good protection. It will not have escaped you that there is a debate on a 3rd injection possible to strengthen the immunity of people who are vaccinated. What seems to be a scientific consensus is a new booster (3rd dose) in people whose immunity is very fragile. We are already doing third injections in our country for people who are immunocompromised. “

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Compulsory vaccination for caregivers?

As an indication, 60% of staff in nursing homes are vaccinated against Covid-19. “It’s too little, notes Olivier Véran. We have to convince, we see that the vaccination coverage is increasing, it has gone from 52 to 60% in the space of a month. Things have to go faster. have brought together all the hospital federations, nursing homes as well as the professional orders which have committed themselves in writing saying that, if the situation requires it, we can tend towards an obligation. It would not be a first in our history. “

.@OlivierVeran : “We are leading a consultation on the vaccination of caregivers. Since we have been talking about this issue, vaccination coverage has increased among nursing home staff, but things have to go faster. At this stage, no decision has been made. was taken.” le79Inter

– France Inter (@franceinter)

The minister recalls that compulsory vaccinations have already been introduced in France. “1991 vaccination became compulsory against hepatitis B for all caregivers. A few years earlier vaccination had become compulsory against Diphtheria, Tetanus and polio for all caregivers.”

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