Tons and Tons of Used GeForce RTX 3060 for Sale in China for $ 270

You probably know it, but producing cryptocurrency in China has now become more complicated and a lot of mining farms have closed. So logically enough, there are tons and tons of graphics cards that end up on the floor, because they have little or no interest to date. So, inevitably, in order to make a minimum profit, it would seem that the old mining farms have launched into the big sale of graphics cards, and in particular RTX 3060s, even if other models are available.


As a reminder, with us, an RTX 3060 is displayed for 539 euros …, a high price which has further increased this week, especially since we are just talking about a displayed price, not a price in stock … 319 euros he said Mr. NVIDIA … Anyway, let’s move on, this is not the subject this morning, but rather on the side of used RTX 3060s. Thus, it would be possible to get RTX 3060 which have min for a price of 270 dollars.

There are other models for sale, even RTX 3000 laptops, and this at different prices depends on the vendor.

Voil, voil, we just have to hope that Mining with GPUs is over for good so that the prices drop here.

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