Neymar’s last scathing rant

Neymar’s last scathing rant
Neymar’s last scathing rant

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The final was awaited by all football lovers, we are now at D-2. In the night from Saturday to Sunday at 2 am, Argentina and Brazil will compete in the Copa América, of which the Brazilians are the holders. The opportunity also for assiduous spectators of the round ball to attend a duel between the two stars, Lionel Messi and Neymar. However, this match divides Brazilian public opinion. If opposite it is the secular rival who presents himself against the men of Tite, some would not be against seeing the teammates of La Pulga win. The reason ? Protest against the holding of the competition on Brazilian soil following the health context but also for political reasons while some believe that Jair Bolsonaro, the president of the country, uses the success of the Seleçao to gain popularity.

Neymar’s rant

A position that does not understand Neymar, he who has never hidden being on good terms with Bolsonaro, appearing on several occasions with him: “I am a Brazilian with a lot of pride and love, he said. written in a story. My dream has always been to be part of the Brazilian national team and listen to the fans sing. I have never attacked or will never attack Brazil if they play for something, whatever the sport, a modeling contest, the Oscars or the krl at 4 … If Brazil is there I am for Brazil, but what Brazilian would do otherwise? Okay, I’ll respect it, but go to … It only serves those who are against, ”said the star of PSG in a story posted on Instagram. Roll on the night from Saturday to Sunday for a match that may be even hotter than expected!

to summarize

While Brazil will face Argentina in the Copa America final on the night of Saturday to Sunday, the Brazilians are divided over support for the national team. A position that does not understand Neymar, who pushed a rant.


Neymars scathing rant

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