Wedding of Nabilla and Thomas: Princess carriage, fireworks … details of their royal union

Wedding of Nabilla and Thomas: Princess carriage, fireworks … details of their royal union
Wedding of Nabilla and Thomas: Princess carriage, fireworks … details of their royal union

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara have said “yes” to each other again. But this time, out of the question to do that in a small committee like in London, in 2019. The couple, who met during the filming of Anges 5 (aired in 2013), wished for a big and beautiful wedding. And their guests, as well as the newlyweds, were not disappointed because the event lived up to their expectations.

The magazine Public (from July 9) obtained some exclusive photos and described all the stages of the ceremony. Thus, readers can discover that Thomas and Nabilla had a true fairy tale wedding at the Chateau de Chantilly (in the Oise) on July 6, 2021. First of all, it is in a real coach, with a cochet, that the Cinderella of the day, sublime in a dress signed Jean Paul Gaultier, made its arrival. On the arm of her dad Khoutir, with whom she had conflicted relations for several years, she advanced to the sound of violins towards his dear and tender prince charming, who was waiting for him in front of a flowery arch. It was then time to unite in front of the hundred or so guests present, including Iris Mittenaere and his companion Diego El Glaoui, Wejdene or his former colleague Gilles Verdez and his fiancée Fatou.

The whole assembly then took the road to dinner … in a horse-drawn carriage. On the menu: Breton lobster in clarified butter with coffee butter, Rossini tournedos and “princely desserts“says the magazine. Fortunately, all of them still had the strength to get up to do a few dance steps for the evening which lasted until the early morning. As evidenced by the images unveiled by Thomas Vergara, Kendji Girac was present and gave voice. All were able to sway to the sound ofAndalusian especially. A fireworks was also planned to impress everyone. In the meantime, Nabilla changed into a sparkling jumpsuit and once again wowed the guests. A ceremony that will soon be visible on Amazon Prime. The platform has indeed filmed everything and the documentary is entitled Nabilla: without filter.

Milann’s parents (1 and a half) had stars in their eyes when they entered their hotel room, around 4.30am. But when they arrived, they had a very bad surprise. Their room was broken into and the damage is estimated at nearly 150,000 euros. The thief stole the wedding gifts and personal belongings. A hard blow for the lovebirds. Especially since their son slept right next door. An investigation is currently underway and Nabilla and Thomas have unsurprisingly filed a complaint.


Wedding Nabilla Thomas Princess carriage fireworks details royal union

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