The Delta variant will “probably” be the majority in France from this weekend, announces Olivier Véran

The Delta variant is rapidly supplanting the other strains of the Covid-19 virus in France, and already represents “close to 50%” of contaminations, Minister of Health Olivier Véran said on Friday “The Delta variant, this variant which initially came to us from India “before developing in other areas such as the United Kingdom,” appeared a few weeks ago in our country and it is 60% more contagious than other viral strains which circulated so far, ”recalled the minister, on France Inter.

“It is gradually replacing all the other strains of the coronavirus that existed and it will soon be the majority, probably this weekend, in our country”, added the minister, specifying that this variant “was not far from 50 % ”Of new cases of contamination Thursday evening. It is the spread of this more contagious variant that has caused the epidemic to rise again in the country, underlined Olivier Véran.

“It’s time to get vaccinated”

“It again leads to an increase in contaminations in France”, he said, observing that “each week there are about 50% more contaminations than in the previous week”. “There is a phenomenon happening quite close to what we experienced last summer: the virus mainly affects young people, who have few serious forms but become contaminated”, according to the minister.

But even with this variant, “the vaccine remains effective against severe forms,” ​​he continued. “It’s time to get vaccinated”, especially for those who hesitate or who wanted to wait before taking action, said Olivier Véran.


Delta variant majority France weekend announces Olivier Véran

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