White march. In Sarthe, after Micka’s suicide, his parents discover that he would have been raped

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Published on 8 Jul 21 at 17:52

At 19, Micka, a student in the second year of the baccalaureate pro maintenance in public works machinery, to whom everything smiles according to his relatives, has put an end to his life. His family later found out that he was allegedly raped by a man. (© Choplain family)

More than eight months have passed. But the pain is still everywhere. Strong in character, Nathalie begins to tell how her son came to commit suicide on November 7, 2020, when he was only 19 years old. Before heading off to get a bundle of paper handkerchiefs. Later, she confided: “I was removed part of my guts. Our life will never be the same again ”.

She does not budge. “Micka, he was a smiling kid. And this is what has deceived everyone. “

A kind young man, and smiling

His grandmother was the first, who cried for him, and scrolled on her mobile phone, the many love messages, surrounded by emoticons and other hearts, received from her grandson, whose “kindness” she dedicated to whom will hear it.

The Saturday of his suicide, Mickaël is in the evening with a friend, Teddy, who does not live very far from the family home, in the Loudonneaux district, in Saint-Mars-la-Brière.

We spent the evening filming him because he was clowning, as usual. I still have all the videos!

TeddyA close friend of Micka’s

“That night, I felt bad”

Back at his parents’ home, he will greet his mother and his little sister, Marie, before going up to bed. “That evening, I can’t explain why, but I felt bad,” recalls Nathalie, convinced that she had had a bad feeling. One of those maternal feelings that cannot be explained.

“I saw his last sigh”

A few moments later, at 10 p.m., with her husband, they will hear a detonation in the garden. Mickaël Choplain turned his ball-trap weapon against him. “We rushed. I asked him why he did that, and I saw his stomach lift for his last breath, ”the mom sobs.

Far from suspecting, at that moment, the motivations of his son. The family was well aware of concerns with “a band of Saint-Mars”.

Mickaël would have been physically attacked, one would even have attacked his car, which was found tagged. “His two complaints had been dismissed,” Nathalie blows. Who thought the story was behind his son.

This one yes, indeed. But parents and sisters would discover Micka’s suffering. Suffering in silence since he never told anyone.

Micka had recorded SMS and audio messages

It was her older sister, Mélody, who discovered a folder with screenshots of text messages, and even audio messages on her laptop. This is how we found out that he had been raped.

Nathalie ChartrainMicka’s mom

A white march this Saturday July 10 not to forget “the danger”

“Homage to Micka, support for victims”. This is the title of the white march organized by the parents of Mickaël Choplain, this Saturday July 10 in Saint-Mars-la-Brière.
The meeting is set at 2 p.m. at the Châtaigniers complex to pay tribute to the young man who committed suicide on November 7, a week after his 19th birthday.
“The burial took place in full confinement, and we were only allowed 25 people in the church. This walk is to allow those who were unable to do so to pay tribute to Micka, ”explains Nathalie Choplain, her mother.
But the event has another purpose in the mother’s mind, “that people don’t forget that there is a man who is always out and dangerous. We invite young people, and their parents, to be careful. And it is also to show our support for the victims, because there are others for whom the fight continues. Two weeks ago, a complaint was filed, ”she says.
The procession will pass in front of the nursery school, then the primary school in which Mickaël was educated, before parading in front of the traders of Saint-Mars-la-Brière, “to be seen”, and the cafe that the young man attended. .

The alleged perpetrator? They know him very well.

He is a young man who has a recreation area, which Micka has visited on several occasions. He loved to tinker and he was brave. So he was going to do the maintenance there and the owner offered the young people who were helping him a McDonald’s, a beer, cigarettes.

Nathalie ChoplainMicka’s mom, about the alleged rapist

A well-established trap according to the mother. Who remembers; “One day, he did not want to go there anymore because he had asked her to show his penis”.

” My son […] was afraid to go out alone “

Nathalie and her relatives will never suspect that Micka could have lived worse than that. “He never wanted to go out on his own, in a car or on a motorcycle. In fact, my son was scared. Because this man was harassing him. He was waiting for him at the crossroads where we live, or at Saint-Corneille, where he regularly went to see friends. “

Other victims, according to the family

By discovering the pot aux roses in the computer, the family files a complaint for rape, touching and harassment. Without knowing that other victims would exist.

Starting with a great friend of Micka’s, the same one with whom he was, the night of the tragedy.

I was 7 years old, he was 14, he trapped me in a hut at the bottom of a garden. In October, I ended up breaking down and filing a complaint. Micka never knew anything about it.

TeddyA close friend of Micka’s

The author indicted then released

The man in question, aged about thirty, will be taken into custody from April 7 to 9, 2021. “But he denies everything, he says that it is a family plot”, regrets Nathalie. .

Upon his release on April 9, he will be indicted for rape and sexual assault on minors, including one under the age of 15, and for bribery of minors.

“For him, the sun is shining while we are crying”

“But he was released and he doesn’t even have an electronic bracelet,” the mother said. The man would simply be prohibited from going to Saint-Mars-la-Brière, while the investigation continues.

“For him, the sun is shining, while we cry every day,” plague the maternal grandmother.

“Pedophile in freedom” plastered in Saint-Mars

Anger that has won over many young people in Saint-Mars, they say. Who did not hesitate to post photos of the man in question, stamped with “Pedophile in freedom” throughout the city, following his release.

A totally forbidden act motivated “by such anger and incomprehension”, analyzes Nathalie.

“That people don’t forget”

The investigating judge and then the prosecutor had requested pre-trial detention. But he was released by the judge of penalties and freedoms.

Nathalie ChoplainMicka’s mom

Today, therefore, man is free. “But still dangerous! »Insists Nathalie. Who is organizing a march in white in honor of his son, this Saturday, July 10, 2021, “but also so that people do not forget, that they understand that he is still outside. Summer is coming, the kids are going to come out and get together and I’m sure it will be approaching. “

Prevention, before Justice takes hold of the case, once the investigation is over, this is the only leitmotif of Micka’s relatives.

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