the defendant sentenced to two years in prison – Release

the defendant sentenced to two years in prison – Release
the defendant sentenced to two years in prison – Release

The man was sentenced to two years in prison after the assault of a black delivery man and racist insults targeting a neighbor who had tried to intervene.

During a tragicomic and supercharged hearing, the court of Pontoise (Val-d’Oise) judged this Thursday a man for the assault of a black delivery man and racist insults that moved social networks. Of a sanguine temperament, the defendant, Mourad D., a 23-year-old temporary forklift driver, was found guilty of racial violence, public insults and apology for crimes against humanity. He received a total of two years in prison.

“We did my trial on [Instagram], on the networks, in detention, outside… ” As soon as the debates begin, the accused gets annoyed, quick to nervousness. “There, today, it is the real one”, retorts the president of the criminal court, Pierre Auda.

“You negress”

On May 31, around 11 p.m., a delivery man from the Uber Eats platform, Dieugrot Joseph, picked up an order at the Brasco restaurant in Cergy. In front of the establishment, Mourad D. is waiting for a pizza that he has ordered. The young man gets annoyed by the volume of the loudspeaker carried by the delivery man on his bike, and beats him up.

The tumult caused by this altercation alerts a black neighbor living above Brasco. The woman calls out to Mourad D., who dumps dumpsters of racist insults on her while she films him with his mobile phone: “You black girl, you dirty black girl […]. For eight hundred years you have been sold like cattle. ”

Mourad D. maintains that because of the night, he could not see that the neighbor was black. This is “To his accent […] that I immediately recognized that it is a person who comes from the islands ”, he said of the second victim, of Ivorian and South African nationalities.

Posted online, the videos rock the case. In a few hours, social networks are racing. The name and address of the suspect are tossed around the Internet. An online jackpot is opened to put a price on your head. “We called my best friend and we offered him 2000 euros for him to say where I was Mourad D. gets angry, whom his lawyer tempers regularly.

Seen on TV

The defendant denies having fled, claims to have returned home peacefully with his order. False, denounces the neighbor who came to testify: “When he saw that the police were coming, he pretended to take his pizza quickly after it had been ready for twenty minutes.”

On the Internet, Brasco – which has no connection with the facts – is inundated with comments accusing it of racism. The brewery is closed for security reasons. “A nightmare”, describes its owner at the helm. The court releases video of a threatening crowd gathered in front of the restaurant, believing the assailant to be employed there. “Get the guy out, we’re going to burn him down”, one hears there in particular.

Less than twenty-four hours after the incident, while Mourad D. has not yet been arrested, the show Do not touch My TV add fuel to the fire. Several of the protagonists of the affair are gathered on its set. “Cyril Hanouna has become a judicial police officer chokes David Curiel, the defendant’s lawyer.

Several associations fighting against racism and discrimination have brought civil proceedings against Mourad D. Their lawyers plead by invoking great authors, by brilliantly drawing up a panorama of racism in France or by disserting on the legacy of slavery. “We are not in the National Assembly here …” sighs the president.

Did Mourad D. advocate slavery? No, only stated one “Historical truth”, supports his advice. In addition to his prison sentence, Mourad D. was banned from staying in Val-d’Oise. Earlier in the week, the correctional court of Lons-le-Saunier (Jura) had handed down a sentence of five years in prison, two of which were suspended in another racist attack, this time in Dole.

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