Charlotte Gainsbourg “in distress”: Jane Birkin flew to her aid after returning to France

Charlotte Gainsbourg “in distress”: Jane Birkin flew to her aid after returning to France
Charlotte Gainsbourg “in distress”: Jane Birkin flew to her aid after returning to France

Mother and daughter showed their tender bond during their climb of the steps of the Palais des festivals, on July 7, 2021, on the second day of the competition. The next day, Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg continued to promote the documentary film Jane par Charlotte, in particular by granting an interview to the Parisian. An interview unveiled Friday, during which the director, actress and performer returns in particular to her departure to New York, shortly after the tragic death of her half-sister Kate Barry, in 2013. A drama which of course occupies a central place in her film .

Charlotte’s departure was painful but understandable“, Jane Birkin remembers.”For Charlotte, this film began after six years of separation, well no, but of estrangement between us. “For her part, her daughter, born of her love affair with Serge Gainsbourg, underlines how saving this American break has been:”If I hadn’t left, I think I wouldn’t have been able to make this movie. And even the rue de Verneuil [la maison parisienne de Serge Gainsbourg qu’elle a transformée en musée et qui ouvrira à la fin de l’année, que le public pourra apercevoir dans le documentaire, NDLR], I think I would have sold it, Charlotte Gainsbourg she explained. I needed to walk away to understand what really mattered.”

Finally, in the spring of 2020, the health crisis pushed her to return to France, to her family: “I felt that I was not at home, I needed to be near my mother. And Yvan [Attal, son compagnon depuis 30 ans], who rather lived in Paris. “Charlotte Gainsbourg and her youngest daughter Joe (9 years old) have therefore returned to the capital, but the singer who is about to celebrate her 50th birthday was not in her best form, to the point of losing the desire to continue her documentary. Fortunately, she was able to count on the support of her mother: “I was in distress, well I was not doing very well on my return, and there, it was you who helped and supported me“Jane Birkin then confided:”These are the times when you have a real use, a dreadful word for a mother, but you can show that you are there. I saw her, being so bad, and looked for solutions to appease her in this return to Paris.”

Together, gently, mother and daughter were able to resume filming Jane par Charlotte. Their relationship strengthened by this extremely personal project, it was arm in arm that she presented it during this 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Wednesday evening, even the three children of Charlotte Gainsbourg were present: Ben, Alice and Joe (24, 18 and 9 years old).

The public will have to wait until October 27 to finally discover this documentary.

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