What is Pitchoun Ile-de-France, the local TV for children “halfway between Casimir and Club Dorothée”?

“I want love to sweat in this channel!” », Exclaims Laurent Brochet, in front of the five members of the Superior council of audio-visual which face him. In the premises of the audiovisual regulatory body, the president of Pitchoun media defends his local television project for children, which he wants to be able to install on TNT. The wise men of the CSA will be the only ones who can decide to grant it the precious sesame, which nevertheless appears very narrow: a part-time broadcast, between 6 am and 9 am only, and in the Paris region exclusively. His group is now the only one in the race.

But that does not discourage Laurent Brochet, who defines himself as a “passionate” and an “artist”, and promises to “do the maximum not to disappoint” the CSA. Born five years ago, his multimedia group launched into television three years ago, and dreams of expanding. Everything is based on THE mascot, the star Pitchoun, this little animal that looks like a bear, with purple and blue ears.

“There is no local TV for children”

To animate this “morning of children’s awakening”, the group relies on its host Cerise Calixte, singer and actress, former voice of Disney, who should take the lead of a daily show, with magazine, documentary, report, promises Laurent Brochet. We will also find in this morning a cultural agenda, a program on cooking “with a cook from Ile-de-France”, something to “take care of the environment”, and even learn English with a ventriloquist.

“It would be a novelty, because there is no local TV for children” argues Laurent Brochet, who wants to highlight the monuments of the capital through partnerships and counts on support from the Ile-de-France region. of France. “Setting up in Paris would make it possible to complete our territorial network”, adds Frédéric Andrieu, the managing director.

Opposite, in a room with white walls, with a studious atmosphere, the members of the CSA listen patiently, then question the leaders. Laurent Brochet insists a lot on the values ​​of his channel, highlights the fact that he is the father of two children to whom he wants to “give the best” – “they will build the world of tomorrow” – and promises 600 hours of content unpublished per year.

Advertising ?

Former documentary producer, now a member of the CSA, Carole Bienaimé Besse asks what will be the originality of Pitchoun TV compared to the many children’s channels that already exist. “Our competitors only have cartoons. Us, it’s a real set, a real show that we offer ”, pleads Laurent Brochet, who adds:“ We are halfway between Casimir and Club Dorothée ”.

Roch-Olivier Maistre, president of the CSA, inquires about a fundraising of the group, which he has heard about. The president of the group affirms that large investors have already contacted him, but that he has so far refused everything because he “values ​​his freedom. “We know how to do production for cheap,” he boasts, even asserting: “If we had to respect TV production standards we would not find our way around. »His magic wand? “A way of working,” he says.

Carole Bienaimé Besse is also worried about the “infomercials” announced by the channel: “We are already on a schedule before school, and children are not recommended to watch television at that time, so if it is ‘is to do product placement … “But the boss of the advertising network corrects the term:” These are indeed partnerships, “he said, apologizing for an error on the term. What to reassure the CSA? The answer should not be long in coming, according to our information.

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