Predation: the bear attacks a herd in Arrens-Marsous, in the Hautes-Pyrénées

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The bear attacked a herd last weekend, in the Pouey-Laün sector in Arrens-Marsous, killing at least one sheep.

A breeder from the Pyrénées Atlantiques led his herd on Saturday July 3 in this pasture sector where he has been migrating for more than 20 years. “In 2006 I already lost about twenty animals and inevitably for me this attack brings back bad memories”. Concerned about his newly installed herd, the breeder went back up with his daughter the next day to see how his animals were doing. Only, on his way back down, he fell on entrails and immediately suspected the bear of having attacked his animals. “We did not find the carcass of the beast, only its entrails. It is to say the power of the beast which carried away its prey to devour it further ”.

The agents of the Pyrenees National Park confirmed the attack of the plantigrade when they went there the next day. The breeder for his part remains worried, because he does not know if other animals have been attacked. The rest of the season does not promise to be auspicious with this attack, and the one attributed to a large canine or wolf, on the Col du Soulor sector in June.


Predation bear attacks herd ArrensMarsous HautesPyrénées

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