Grand cru Auvergnat in prospect for the French cadet-junior championships

Grand cru Auvergnat in prospect for the French cadet-junior championships
Grand cru Auvergnat in prospect for the French cadet-junior championships

Better still, it offers itself a record of geographic diversity. This is expressed through the nine clubs present in Evry-Bondoufle from the four departments. With, of course, a dominant presence of Clermont Athlé, registered in 33 events, only Athlé 91 doing better in France.

And in the ranks of Clermont, athletes called, Monday, to the gathering of the French junior team leaving for Tallinn, theater of the European championships of the category (July 15 to 18)!

Zhoya and Filhon

Three, including two very high probabilities of titles on the expected hat-trick at the Robert-Bobin stadium. If the Franco-Australian junior Sasha Zhoya remains unrivaled against the hurdles with his 13”38 from the Villejuif meeting, time of the series (under -3.8m / s) before his DNS in the final, the younger Rémi Filhon also seems untouchable. to the pole. Benoît’s son advances on the Ile de France high jump with its 5.20 m (personal best) in Aubiérois on May 29 … 36 cm higher than the second engagement.

A nice margin, like the one possessed by the younger Faustine Chaboche on the 1,500 m. Patrick Bringer’s protégé took her first stint under the 4’30 ” mark on June 30 at Aubière (4’29”34, personal best). Some three seconds ahead of its first rival to manage.

And the middle distance girls

To this gold, can be added half a dozen additional charms. One of which perhaps, despite the competition, came from the tricolor jumper Bryan Mucret, who will not line up for the length but on a 200 m judicious for the speed.

More certainties, on the other hand, from a strong female middle distance. The Clermontoises at the rendezvous monopolize entry places specific to a podium addition: the youngest Elise Labeille (800 m, 2nd) and Margot Dajoux (2,000 m steeplechase, 2nd; 3,000 m, 3rd) and the juniors Julia Ravet (1,500 m, 2nd) and Léna Chauveau (3,000 m, 3rd).

The competitions can be added thanks to Melissa Huet, in second place in the length (6.09 m) for a junior podium that should be around 6 m, and Cathia Quereuil (5.68 m, 4th), in ambush in cadets. And why not with junior Tanguy Mariac at the height (2.03 m, 4th). Not to mention a joker, the Brivado junior Clément Ponce, in the 800 m (1’52”24, 5th).

Alexis Phelut à Monaco 

Alexis Phelut will return to the Herculis meeting this Friday evening (8:49 p.m.) but not as a hare like last year. The Clermontois selected for the Olympics will run a 3,000 m steeplechase with the Ethiopian Lamecha Girma, the Kenyan Abraham Kibiwot, the American Hillary Bor and the best French.

Francis Laporte

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Grand cru Auvergnat prospect French cadetjunior championships

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