Deathloop: 10 min of assassin gameplay on PS5 during State of Play

Game news Deathloop: 10 min of assassin gameplay on PS5 during State of Play

Published on 7/9/2021 7:40 AM

Sony said it, Sony did it. Yesterday evening, a new edition of the State of Play was held with, at its center, a single game: Deathloop, the new title from Arkane Studios. The opportunity to immerse yourself in its very particular universe through ten minutes of gameplay.

After State of Play devoted to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Horizon: Forbidden West, we could expect that Sony’s new digital show will once again be dedicated to one of its big PlayStation Studios games: it is finally Deathloop, the new title of Arkane, which was elected last night. A project that remains an exclusive PS5 console (temporary) in addition to a planned release on PC, a rather ironic fact when we know that the studio now belongs to Bethesda Softworks, and therefore to … Microsoft.

But before the takeover, Deathloop was well planned to go out hand in hand with Sony, and this new gameplay video, almost ten minutes long, proves it to us: the FPS will largely exploit the specificities of the PlayStation 5, in particular its DualSense with an in-depth use of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. We therefore learn that each movement and each weapon will give rise to a different physical sensation, joystick in hand, for a feeling that we are told to be neat..

Un level design et un gameplay permissifs

Yesterday’s video notably focused on the assassination of a target, Aleksis Dorsey, known as “the wolf”, refugee and protected in a gigantic house on the isolated Blackreef island which will serve as the main framework for the adventure. . One of the points exhibited was its particularly vast and deep gameplay, directly inspired by Dishonored (the previous games of the designers) with the possibility of teleporting quickly everywhere and carrying out more or less sharp murders, while taming a vertical level design coupled with a truly permissive playability.

The possibilities are therefore numerous and, whether in infiltration or in pure action, Deathloop promises to be rather intelligent in its approach to and mastering a level and its enemies. We recognize there the paw of the Lyon developers, already widely put to work in their previous apps and here supported by a nervous action and rhythmic gunfights. The video also highlights the importance of Julianna “Jules” Blake, one of the protagonists of the game, which will chase the player’s head as much as he hunts his own preys.

It is also difficult not to point the finger this very special atmosphere, nocturnal, funky and borrows from jazzy espionage, where phrases literally appear on the walls of a city with a well-established artistic direction. Arkane Studios once again seems to be at the bedside of its environments, careful to build an engaging atmosphere that, we hope, will hit the mark in the final game scheduled for September 14. On PS5, therefore, but also on PC, let us remember.

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Deathloop min assassin gameplay PS5 State Play

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