Coronavirus: Why are nightclubs reopening despite the rise of the delta variant?

Coronavirus: Why are nightclubs reopening despite the rise of the delta variant?
Coronavirus: Why are nightclubs reopening despite the rise of the delta variant?

CORONAVIRUS – Dance to lose your mind. This Friday, July 8, the discotheques will welcome the public again, one year and three months after their closure on March 15, 2020. Much awaited by professionals in the sector and night owls, this reopening comes however while the coronavirus epidemic is progressing in new, boosted by the contagious Delta variant.

Why was such a decision maintained, when several countries, more vaccinated than us, are already backtracking? Unlike Catalonia, which before closing its discos on July 6 did not ask for entrance tests, the government is betting on a health protocol, “so strict” that it would force “70% of discos not to reopen” , lack of profitability, in the words of Gabriel Attal, the government spokesperson.

Because for this Friday, everything is not allowed. Concretely, all the “boxes” will have to ask for the sanitary pass at the entrance and their capacity will be limited to 75%. But is it enough? The health pass is not infallible. In the Netherlands, 165 cases of Covid-19 were detected after a night out at a nightclub inEnschede. There, however, a negative test was required. “It is a reopening under very great vigilance”, tried to reassure Gabriel Attal Thursday on CNews.

Hospitalizations at the lowest

If Emmanuel Macron stays the course, it is because he promised a deconfined summer to the French, deprived of freedoms for a year. In the current state, “vaccination is not enough to stem the epidemic”, as confirmed by Jean-Stéphane Dhersin, Covid-19 modeler for the CNRS. On the other hand, she All the same, new hospitalizations can be avoided. These remain at their lowest for the moment, in France as in the United Kingdom where the epidemic is exploding. Thus, Emmanuel Macron has a little time in front of him, before being forced (from an epidemiological point of view) to totally reverse.

This reopening against the tide is also a way of showing unvaccinated French people that despite the epidemic rebounds, the vaccine allows people to live more or less normally. Opening nightclubs on presentation of the health pass keeps a very strong incentive to hold out. “This could encourage young people to get vaccinated if they want to go out,” says the HuffPost an adviser to the executive.

Discotheques, an incentive for vaccination?

In the absence of generalized obligation, the government intends to make people want to be vaccinated thanks to the many places of cultivation and leisure accessible on presentation of the health pass. It targets young people, who are particularly poorly vaccinated at the moment. Keeping the boxes open helps maintain a very strong incentive to get vaccinated – who wants to do a PCR test several times a week?

Especially since young people are currently particularly infected by Covid-19. Still among 20-29s, the incidence rate almost doubled last week, even before the reopening of nightclubs. What if that is not enough? The government is considering expanding the health pass, again to speed up vaccination (re-containment is still considered a solution of last resort). To decide, Emmanuel Macron will meet a defense council on Monday, July 12. At its exit, uSome of the bars, restaurants and movies may have to sort out their clientele, as the clubs will do this evening.

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