The Lightyear One solar car confirms its 700 km range on the circuit

Lightyear is getting even closer to the marketing of its solar car after the success of a test which enabled it to validate its main promise: a record range of over 700 km.

The project of solar car Lightyear One. Its designers claimed that it could exceed 700 km of autonomy, in particular thanks to the energy input of its solar panels distributed over the flat surfaces of its bodywork. Lightyear has just confirmed this performance by carrying out a test on the circuit.

This took place on the track in Adenhoven (Germany) where the Lightyear One covered 709 km with its 60 kWh battery while driving at a speed constant 85 km / h. It is obvious that the result in real driving conditions, with heavy braking and acceleration, would probably not allow such autonomy to be achieved.

Up to 70 km of autonomy via solar panels

But the performance is no less impressive, especially given the small capacity of the battery. Solar panels partially recharge the battery, with Lightyear saying the driver won’t have to go to a charging station for several months. During this endurance test, the Lightyear One produced 3.45 kWh in the form ofenergy solar. In sunny weather, the manufacturer claims that the photovoltaic panels from there car solar could produce the equivalent of 70 km of autonomy.

As promising as it is, the Lightyear One is not going to be a mainstream car at all. It will be produced in 946 copies from mid-2022 and it will cost 150,000 euros to afford one. However, in his press release, Lightyear announces that it intends to tackle the mass from 2024. The adventure of solar car is just beginning …

Lightyear One, the solar electric car that promises more than 700 km of autonomy

AFP-Relaxnews article on 06/25/2019

Founded by a group of engineering students from the Technical University of Eindhoven (Netherlands), the young company Lightyear is delivering a very ambitious project for a high-end solar-powered electric sedan. Attractive but not within the reach of all budgets.

Dutch company Lightyear has just unveiled its highly anticipated prototype of 100% electric car to say the least original. This sedan is indeed distinguished from the competition by its solar charging, which in theory gives it a particularly long range, exceeding 700 km. The Lightyear One has 4 driving wheels, each connected to its own engine. The manufacturer is still discreet about its power, simply announcing an acceleration (modest) from 0 to 100 km / h in 10 seconds.

The strong point of the car therefore concerns its autonomy, greater than 700 km. With its solar collectors, it can only partially recharge while driving. Lightyear indicates that with a classic domestic socket, one night is enough to recover up to 400 kilometers ofautonomy.

First deliveries from 2021

If, on paper, this project can appeal, his price However, the risk of cooling even its most fervent supporters. The Lightyear One is indeed displayed at 149,000 euros. The first deliveries of the “Pioneer” edition, limited to 500 copies, are expected by 2021.

Note that this is not the first project of its kind since the German, Sono Motors, is already offering to order the Sion, an electric minivan also capable of recharging itself in part thanks to solar energy, but whose autonomy is limited to 250 km. However, it turns out to be much more affordable since it is offered at 25,500 euros.

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