world hunger is on the rise again, according to the NGO Oxfam

A woman carries a bag of wheat after a food distribution in Alamata, Ethiopia, December 11, 2020. EDUARDO SOTERAS / AFP

World hunger worsened terribly in 2020, due to a combination of factors and with six times more people than in 2019 “In conditions close to famine”, according to an Oxfam report released Friday, July 8. They are now more than half a million in the world to be in this case. And in total, 155 million people are now in a food crisis situation, that is to say exposed to difficulties in accessing food, according to this report. This is “The equivalent of the population of France, Germany and Belgium combined”, and that’s 20 million more than in 2019.

In question, the “Explosive cocktail of the three Cs”, to know “Conflicts, Covid-19 and climate change”, who could, “Without immediate action”, by the end of the year, starve eleven people per minute, a pace “Higher than the current death rate from the pandemic, which is seven people per minute”, according to the NGO. However, conflicts remain “The main cause of hunger since the pandemic, pushing more than half a million people into conditions close to famine, six times more” than in 2019, says Oxfam.

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Superposition of seizures

Among the hot spots of extreme hunger identified, Afghanistan, Yemen, the Sahelian region of West Africa, South Sudan and Venezuela, in particular, saw their situation worsen further in 2020. “Today we are witnessing a superposition of crises: incessant conflicts, economic consequences of Covid-19 and a panicking climate crisis, all of these events have pushed more than 520,000 people into a catastrophic situation of famine”said Hélène Botreau, advocacy officer for food security and agriculture at Oxfam France, quoted in a press release.

Of the 155 million people in a food crisis, two out of three live in a country at war or in conflict. To this was added “Massive impact” economic shocks, “Exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, and the worsening climate crisis, plunging tens of millions more into hunger”.

“Mass unemployment and severely disrupted food production have led to a 40% rise in world food prices, the largest increase in more than a decade.”, reminds Oxfam. In particular, the NGO calls on governments to “Fully fund the United Nations humanitarian appeal and support a global fund dedicated to social protection”, as well as “Guarantee humanitarian access in conflict zones and stop using hunger as a weapon of war”. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Agency is also due to publish a report on the state of food security in the world on Monday.

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