DIRECT. Covid-19: the Delta variant will be in the majority in France “probably this weekend”, according to Olivier Véran

DIRECT. Covid-19: the Delta variant will be in the majority in France “probably this weekend”, according to Olivier Véran
DIRECT. Covid-19: the Delta variant will be in the majority in France “probably this weekend”, according to Olivier Véran

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08:35. The free tests remain for the time being … free. “From a health point of view, when you are in an epidemic that starts again, I prefer to keep a tool as territorialized as possible (…) rather than losing, out of 15 patients, two or three because the test would be too much. dear to them, says Olivier Véran. For the moment we remain on the terms of support “, he said about the tests, conceding however that making them pay” is a reflection that we will have in the long term “.

08:28. “It’s not a stigma, it’s a protection. “ Returning to the issue of compulsory vaccination, which is currently the subject of consultation, Olivier Véran concedes: “This is a question that we ask ourselves”. “I was, with the Prime Minister yesterday, with the local communities, and a certain number of them declared themselves in favor. It seems that a societal consensus (…) is emerging towards this “, he said, assuring that he” does not want any sanction against any caregiver “. And the minister to take the example of Italy, where the evocation of compulsory vaccination for caregivers has allowed, he said, to reach 97% of caregivers vaccinated.

08:27. We must systematically “return to the practice” of protection against Covid. Olivier Véran recommends “respecting barrier gestures, but really going back to the practice that the French know very well. (…) We start to pay attention to ourselves again and we enjoy life anyway. “

08:26. “The big difference compared to last year is first of all the vaccination. (…) The other difference is a little less optimistic, it is that the Delta variant is much more contagious ”, declares Olivier Véran.

08h24. Delta menace. “It will be in the majority, probably this weekend, in our country”, indicates the Minister of Health Olivier Véran on France Inter this Friday. According to the latest data from Public Health France updated last night, 47.3% of the positive tests screened show the L452R mutation and a very large majority of them are of the Delta variant.

08:20. Cuba’s second vaccine candidate 91.2% effective. A second Cuban vaccine candidate, called Soberana 2, has an effectiveness of 91.2% after the application of three doses, announced Thursday the director of the laboratory that developed it.

08:06. Ile-de-France hospitals put to the test of post-Covid resignations. Exhausted, and while a 4th wave threatens, the caregivers no longer hesitate to resign. Hospitals in Ile-de-France have to deal with vacant positions, more than 3,500 in the region. Read our report here.

07:52. “Let’s take advantage of the summer to get vaccinated. “ For Arnaud Fontanet, “you really have to take advantage of the summer to get vaccinated”. Wait until the summer passes, with the current threat of an epidemic resumption, “it will be too late”, estimates the epidemiologist. As for the vaccination obligation, “my conviction as an epidemiologist is to say the only way out – and in a sustainable way – will be through vaccination”, he said.

07:49. “Discotheques are clearly a risky place with this variant”, concedes Professor Fontanet, at a time when they are preparing their reopening for tonight.

07:45. Towards an epidemic resumption at the end of August? “Not only in France but throughout Europe we can see the growth of this famous Delta variant which, we realize, is extremely transmissible”, says Professor Arnaud Fontanet, epidemiologist at the Institut Pasteur and member of the Council. scientist, at the RTL microphone this Friday. “We could have a rise in hospitalizations towards the end of August,” he imagines.

Scientists have yet to establish “the link between this virus and the protection provided by vaccination,” he said. “If the protection is not sufficient, continues the professor, we could have, at the end of August rather than in the next few weeks”, an epidemic resumption, estimates the epidemiologist, who notes “a lot of uncertainties at the present time “.

07:26. Sad ceremony for the Olympic flame. Exactly two weeks before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics scheduled for July 23, the Olympic flame was carried on stage in an empty stadium. On Thursday, the Japanese authorities and the organizers of the Olympics announced that they were banning spectators from most sites in the capital for fear of the Covid-19. The public should be allowed at certain sites outside of Tokyo, such as in the Fukushima department.

07:12. The reopening of nightclubs will be timid. The “discotheques decree” appeared in the Official Journal on Thursday. Health pass, mask recommended … It stipulates the drastic measures to which managers must comply. As a result, many of them have decided to keep the door closed.

Patrick Malvaës, president of the National Union of Discotheques and Leisure Places (SNDLL), fears that people prefer bars and restaurants “with a musical atmosphere”, which are not subject to the same constraints. According to him, “three quarters of nightclubs” will not resume their activity.

Example in Toulouse, where only eight establishments could reopen this weekend, out of forty, according to Philippe Belot, club boss and vice-president of Umih de Haute-Garonne, “knowing that we are in a large city, and as soon as you move away, there is zero opening ”.

06:58. Towards a third dose of Pfizer? The Pfizer / BioNTech alliance will seek authorization for a third dose of vaccine “in the coming weeks”, in the United States and Europe in particular, the companies announced in a press release.

06h45. Rediscover the dancefloors. Nightclubs reopen this Friday in France after about 16 months of closure. While many establishment owners are delighted with the news, others have chosen to postpone the reopening, in the face of overly restrictive health restrictions.

06h30. Hello everyone and welcome to this live. It will allow you to follow the evolution of the health situation linked to Covid-19 in France and around the world.

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