How is the vaccination against Covid-19 organized this summer?

How is the vaccination against Covid-19 organized this summer?
How is the vaccination against Covid-19 organized this summer?

The beach, the sun and the fine sand are yours! And, if your heart tells you, the opportunity to get vaccinated against Covid-19. But how do the health authorities adapt the vaccination to this summer period, in full rise of the Delta variant?

Due to the vacations of nursing staff, some vaccination centers will be closed, especially since there are still many vacant slots on the appointment platforms. However, some devices, especially in the west of the country, will be adapted to the influx of vacationers. Finally, the regional health agencies (ARS) will continue their efforts towards the populations most “remote” from vaccination. Franceinfo takes stock.

Devices adapted to holidaymakers, especially on the Atlantic coast

On the front line against the Delta variant, the vaccination centers on the Atlantic coast are adapting to better meet the demand of holidaymakers. “On the entire coastal strip which goes from Charente-Maritime to the Pyrénées-Atlantiques”, there is “an increase in the number of doses in the centers” and “allocations to liberal professionals: pharmacists, nurses, doctors, midwives”, Sylvie Quelet, the deputy director of public health of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine regional health agency, confirmed to franceinfo.

“There will be targeted actions with ephemeral centers, barnums in very touristic places, an itinerant bus to vaccinate along the coast”.

Sylvie Quelet, Deputy Director for Public Health of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Health Agency

to franceinfo

Concretely, explains France Bleu Gascogne, several vaccination centers will be allocated almost twice as many vaccines, in particular in the very touristy department of Landes, which goes from 400,000 to two million residents in the summer. From July 12, the center of Biscarrosse, for example, will receive 2,200 doses per week instead of 1,300. Slots have already been reserved by holidaymakers, underlines the town hall.

Other initiatives are reported on cultural festivals, starting with that of Avignon. An ephemeral vaccination center has thus been set up in the premises of the city’s university, according to France Bleu Vaucluse. In Normandy, there will be “vaccination with Janssen’s vaccine throughout the summer around Giverny“, where is the Museum of Impressionism, also assured the general directorate of health during a press briefing on Tuesday, July 6.

A reduced wing size in Ile-de-France and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

At the same time, under the double effect of leave for nursing staff and a lower demand than in June, some of the vaccination centers will close during the summer. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes thus goes from 172 to 150 open centers. Ile-de-France will close a quarter of them. “The vaccine supply of outpatient centers should be maintained at the current capacity level until the week of July 19 included. It would then be around 82% of the injection capacity and 77% of the number of centers”, details to franceinfo the regional health agency in the Ile-de-France region.

However, this drop in speed is modulated according to needs. At the request of several elected officials, 100% of the vaccination centers of Seine-Saint-Denis should remain open during the summer in this department which is one of those where the vaccination coverage leaves the most to be desired, recalls France Inter. Elsewhere in Ile-de-France, 85% of centers will be open in Val-de-Marne and Val-d’Oise, against 70% in Paris, 62% in Hauts-de-Seine and 42% in Yvelines .

A Garches (Hauts-de-Seine), the chairs and screens of a vaccination center were thus put away for the summer, after having turned full with “37 000 vaccinations” in a few months, explains the mayor (Les Républicains) Jeanne Bécart at France Televisions. The establishment, which closed its doors on July 5, due to the low number of requests for school holidays, will reopen “between one and two weeks before the resumption of classes“, she specifies.

Vaccination slots available everywhere

This decrease in the number of open centers is based on an observation. Even if “there is a slight increase in making an appointment for a first injection, with more than 10% compared to D-7 “, noted Tuesday the general direction of health, it remains possible, in particular via the sites or ViteMaDose, to reserve a time slot to be vaccinated quickly everywhere in France.

“There is a 300,000 three-day vacancy level.”

The general directorate of health

during a press briefing, July 6

The instruction of the Ministry of Health is therefore to allow patients to make an appointment wherever they wish, both for a first and for a second injection (remember that only one dose is necessary for those who have already been contaminated). Thus, there is no longer any obligation to have the two injections administered in the same center. However, several ARS are not very enthusiastic about this idea.

“The instructions are all the same that it is better to try to make the two doses in the same center. It is better to anticipate.”

ARS Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

to franceinfo

Same story with ARS Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. She recalls in a press release the complexity of “the organization of vaccination centers” who “requires daily adjustments (management of vaccine stocks, human resources)”. “That is why, she insists, all those who can, are asked to organize themselves to carry out all of their vaccination within the same vaccination center “. What about vacationers? “Ithere is no specific action proposed for tourists, she further specifies to franceinfo, but they can, if they wish, go to the 150 vaccination centers in the region open this summer, with or without an appointment “, including for a second dose, in “making sure to cancel the appointment made in the initial center”.

Operations targeting vulnerable groups continue

Another line of conduct set by the Ministry of Health is to continue togo to the populations most “distant” from vaccination. Aimed at people over 65, this approach has already been reflected, affirmed the general directorate of health, by “3 million SMS, 3.5 million letters sent and a million calls made by Medicare”, with, on arrival, “130,000 appointments made” to get vaccinated.

In the same way, “three million text messages have been sent” to people in difficulty, known to the health insurance because of their complementary solidarity health. “The goal for the summer, she established, is that the first injection vaccination is offered to all people in very precarious situations “, using “local actors” and humanitarian associations.

Letters, texts and phone calls do not replace meetings in the field. In Paris, special operations are thus planned in “busy spaces“like at Les Halles, but also for”special populations “ (students, pregnant women, delivery drivers, migrants …).

In less populated departments, the process often takes the form of the “vaccibus”. The vehicle travels with firefighters, nurses or doctors to vaccinate those who wish. In Gironde, one of them will be set up for seasonal agricultural workers or specialized in tourism, “with the objective of making 1,000 vaccinations per week”, according to the general directorate of health. Another example: in in the Landes or in Indre-et-Loire, a mobile center will travel to remote villages “where we observe a dropout concerning vaccination “.

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