Who is mmhmm, the new video tool that fascinates Silicon Valley

Who is mmhmm, the new video tool that fascinates Silicon Valley
Who is mmhmm, the new video tool that fascinates Silicon Valley

Posted on Jul 8, 2021 at 4:22 PMUpdated on Jul 8, 2021, 5:33 PM

Imagine a fourth wave of Covid. A fifth, or the attack of another virus that would further accelerate the digital transition of video communication. What has been nicknamed “Fatigue Zoom” would then pass from occasional to permanent status. No individual would then bear to meet, present, interact with others through a screen, eye to eye and with, at best, inefficient screen sharing. It was in anticipation of all this that Phil Libin and his teams at All Turtles launched mmhmm, pronounced “HumHum”, last year.

What started as a need to build a toolbox to boost the exchange between human beings by video has become a product. And twelve months after the first Beta, whoever founded Evernote has convinced some of the most fashionable tech investors, Softbank, Mubadala and Sequoia in the lead, to invest $ 100 million. “With the deconfinements of spring, I thought that the craze for video was going to run out of steam,” says Phil Libin. But on the contrary, with very important long-term prospects and enough returns on our product, we decided to raise funds. “

From large companies to teachers

What the entrepreneur hadn’t foreseen was how users were going to get hold of mmhmm over the past year. There were of course companies that saw a way to make their exchanges and sales presentations much more dynamic. But also teachers to maintain the attention and commitment of their students at a distance, a board of directors, or a troupe of clowns who intervene in hospitals for children with serious illnesses. “What we experienced during the pandemic is only the tip of the iceberg, warns Phil Libin. There is a huge opportunity to completely change the way people live and interact. “

How does mmhmm work

Concretely, Mmhmm ​​is equipped with tools that allow you to mix live sequences with other recorded ones, to position the speaker in real time anywhere on the screen, or to invite another person located thousands of kilometers away to return less formal interaction. Originally designed as a product integrated into Zoom, Google Meet, Webex or YouTube, it has emancipated itself to become a full-fledged “player”. “We want to desynchronize the transmission of information as soon as possible and in order to save as much time as possible,” adds the startuppeur. Our app allows you to come and go and preserve the physical encounter only when necessary. »Which is likely to become scarce.


mmhmm video tool fascinates Silicon Valley

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