his son Marin at the origin of an important choice

his son Marin at the origin of an important choice
his son Marin at the origin of an important choice

Four years after the release of his album “Gemme”, Nolwenn Leroy made his comeback on the music scene with the single “Brazil Finistère”. Years during which she devoted herself to her family life, without forgetting her passion for music. The singer and her companion, Arnaud Clément, became the parents of a little boy, named Marin, on July 13, 2017. It is also the birth of her son that made Nolwenn Leroy reflect on his career choices and on her future as a singer. This Saturday, July 3, she announced to Purebreak Charts that she had made an important decision.

Since the start of her career, Nolwenn Leroy has been her own manager. Now a mother with a busy schedule, she has chosen to hire two managers to manage her career. A decision which is linked with the arrival of his son, Marin. “What generated this desire is certainly the arrival of my little boy. It’s a bit technical and the public may not realize it, but the artists often have a team around. them. Me, I worked alone, it was intense, ”she confides. The former Star Academy participant explains that she “prefers to spend time with [son fils] rather than answering emails. “Another change for the singer, she changed label to work with Polydor.” It’s a difficult job, you have to know how to protect yourself, I was very worried, but today hui I have enough (…)

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son Marin origin important choice

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