Bac 2021: 95.2% of baccalauréat holders, a new historic record for the general sector

Bac 2021: 95.2% of baccalauréat holders, a new historic record for the general sector
Bac 2021: 95.2% of baccalauréat holders, a new historic record for the general sector

We first feared the worst. “It grinds, it grinds!” »Launches a feverish teacher to the cantonade in the corridors of the Lycée Charlemagne, in the Marais district of Paris (4th arrondissement). It is past 10 o’clock this Tuesday morning, day of the results of the 2021 baccalaureate and the platform of National Education, the aptly named “Cyclades”, still seems to be making its own.

After a chaotic organization, postponed juries, would the results of the 2021 version of the bac fall late for the 715,000 candidates? Finally, the 2021 vintage will be punctual, a few minutes in this high school in the center of Paris, and as good as last year – only two students will have to go to the catching-up! -, in accordance with the image of the provisional results at the national level which fell a few hours later, shortly after 7 p.m.

The rate of admission to the general baccalaureate, before the catch-up scheduled for Thursday and Friday, is still up 0.4% compared to 2020 to reach 95.2%, a new historical record. Very good news for the 379,998 high school students who passed these tests in France.

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Sharp drop for the professional baccalaureate

In total, however, all sectors combined this time – general, technological and professional – the figures are down slightly since 90.5% of the 715,000 candidates were received before the remedial tests, a decrease of 1.6 points compared to 2020. The rate of admission to the vocational baccalaureate has fallen the most, reaching 82% of admissions (5.9 points less than last year). As for the students who passed their technological baccalaureate, they are 89% to be able to boast of having obtained the precious sesame at the end of these tests, while waiting for the oral exams.

The number of young people who will have to come to high schools this Thursday and Friday to pass the final tests and try to be “drafted” will be stable compared to last year: 36,700 candidates. In a post on Twitter, the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer sent his congratulations to the new graduates. “You can be proud of the work you have done,” he said.

This first edition of the “Bac Blanquer” will have been turned upside down by the health crisis until the last moment. This Tuesday, many students failed to connect to the platform on the Internet to find out their results. It was saturated until the middle of the day. Some have moved to their original high school. In vain for some of them. For fear of groupings, some principals did not understand that they had to post them. Note that most young people were not surprised by the results this year. Covid requires, 82% of their score was known in advance, because many table tests were canceled.


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