the government abandons its project of constitutional revision on the climate

the government abandons its project of constitutional revision on the climate
the government abandons its project of constitutional revision on the climate

Published on : 06/07/2021 – 21:58

Jean Castex announced Tuesday evening that he was giving up organizing a referendum to include the preservation of the environment in the Constitution. The promise of the President of the Republic before the Citizen’s Convention on the Climate (CCC) could not therefore be kept. And the Prime Minister is blaming the Senate for this failure.

It is the fault of the Senate. In any case, this is what Jean Castex said in front of the deputies to the National Assembly when he announced that the referendum on the climate was buried for good. ” This vote unfortunately puts an end to the process of constitutional revision which we continue to believe was essential for our country. “, he said.

The senators once again refused at second reading to approve the wording to change Article 1 of the Constitution proposed by the government: the State “guarantees the preservation of the environment and biological diversity and fights against deregulation. climate ”.

Everything was played around a word, the State “guarantees” considered too strong, too engaging, that the senators wanted to replace by the State “acts” for the preservation of the environment.

A showdown that is more political than semantic

A semantic standoff, but also and above all a political one. By pledging last December before the representatives of the Citizens’ Convention to organize a referendum on the climate, Emmanuel Macron had played his all-out to try to calm the critics on his commitment not bound to take again “without filter” the proposals of the convention.

However, the president knew from the start that to organize this consultation, he would have to get the green light from the Senate where the right wing is in the majority and little inclined to make it easier for him. It was a bet whose outcome was therefore predictable.

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A government source relativized the abandonment of the referendum: after the record abstention from the recent regional “ the French are not totally concerned by the climate In the midst of a health crisis and the referendum would not have been full.

The Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili said her ” consternation », Lambasting« climate-inactive », « climate-resigned ».

The removal of certain domestic overhead lines to the ban on rental of thermal sieve housing, part of the 146 other proposals of the Citizens’ Convention are the subject of a separate bill “ climate and resilience “. It is unlikely that deputies and senators will find a compromise on this text too, but the former will have the last word here.


government abandons project constitutional revision climate

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