Xavier Bertrand confirms that he will “not be a candidate for a primary” from the right

Xavier Bertrand confirms that he will “not be a candidate for a primary” from the right
Xavier Bertrand confirms that he will “not be a candidate for a primary” from the right

Xavier Bertrand, right-wing presidential candidate, is determined to chart his course, despite the call “To responsibility” leader of the Republicans (LR) party, Christian Jacob. The day after the call from several suitors, including Valérie Pécresse and Laurent Wauquiez, to organize a “Open primary” from the right to nominate a candidate for 2022, Mr. Bertrand, who is no longer a member of LR, closed the door to participation in it, Tuesday, July 6.

“Tonight, in front of the French, I am a candidate for the presidential election”, declared the president of the Hauts-de-France region, on TF1, evoking “An application of consistency with [sa] presidential election design [qui] is a meeting between a man, a woman and the French “.

“In consistency, I will not be a candidate for a primary”, insisted Xavier Bertrand, also judging that the primary organized in 2016 before the previous presidential election, during which the right-wing candidate François Fillon did not qualify for the second round, had been “Source of divisions”. “The primary did not leave only good memories on the right”, he argued, “Each time, you have the differences which become divisions and, for many of our fellow citizens, for many voters of the right and the center, we can see that they are much more often machines to lose”.

He adds : “My friends of the Republicans will take their responsibilities. My responsibility is to bring together and take the best so that we can succeed in turning the country around ”. He specifies that he will be “Candidate for a single term, only five years to really turn the country around”. A relative of Xavier Bertrand assured him on Tuesday: participate in a primary “Would shrink him, while he is the third man in the presidential election”.

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18% of voting intentions

This lone rider makes the right cringe. “The man, or the providential woman, whom some hoped for did not impose himself”, asserted Monday evening Valérie Pécresse (ex-LR), Laurent Wauquiez and Bruno Retailleau, all three potential presidential candidates, in a forum at the Figaro.

Same tone from Michel Barnier, another potential candidate for 2022: “I do not believe that we can decree the candidate of the Republican right, especially when we exclude ourselves from the collective game. I think very seriously, and I say it with great gravity, that when you want the support of a political family, you have to accept to play the collective game of this family ”, he warned on LCI.

Xavier Bertrand was credited with 18% of the voting intentions in a poll published on Sunday, against 14% in Valérie Pécresse and 13% in Laurent Wauquiez. But he does not crush the match, and remains behind Emmanuel Macron (24%) and Marine Le Pen (26%). The signatories of the platform, accompanied by the boss of the centrists Hervé Morin, claim ” as soon as possible “ the organization of an open primary from the right and the center and warn against the idea of ​​relying on polls.

Christian Jacob’s call to responsibility

Republican President Christian Jacob strongly calls on the various candidates “To responsibility” and to himself ” to agree on “. The “Cannot be two candidates from the right and the center” and applicants must be ” to agree on “, he hammered at the end of the party’s political bureau which was held on Tuesday. “What I want is for them to come to an agreement. I think that nothing is stronger than the union and that no system is worth the union and the gathering “, he insisted.

Mr. Jacob asked the candidates of his party and those who are not members to“Have a sense of responsibility and ensure that they are able to come together”. “We will have a congress on September 25 and then the decision for the choice of our candidate, in November, will be made again in congress”, he said.

“If indeed, for reasons which may be legitimate, we do not arrive at this gathering, I asked [au maire d’Antibes] Jean Leonetti to prepare a process of rallying [qui] will be put to the vote of our activists ” during the congress scheduled for September 25. “This process will allow us in November to nominate our candidate”, assured Mr. Jacob, who also announced changes in the leadership team of the Republicans following the support shown by number 2, Guillaume Peltier, to Xavier Bertrand.

At the end of the political office, Christian Jacob also announced the sidelining of Mr. Peltier, replaced as deputy vice-president by Annie Genevard, member of the Doubs. Christian Jacob explained this dismissal by a “Point of disagreement” with Guillaume Peltier and by the need to “Collective play” and respect ” line “ party. Guillaume Peltier said he was notably ready at the end of May to work with Robert Ménard, close to the RN, as part of a “Great government of recovery and national unity”.

Mr. Jacob also announced the appointment of Vice-Presidents Agnès Evren and Gilles Platret as party spokesperson for the presidential campaign.

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